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The Best 9 Spring 2021 Fashion Trends For Women Over 40

Since 2005 every fashion season we have compiled the best spring 2021 fashion trends for women over 40. However, just like everything else in 2020, the Spring 2021 Fashion Week Collections were a bit unusual. There were more virtual shows and lookbook-type photo presentations than ever before. Fashion Week has been heading in this direction …

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Put a Ring On It

Who knew Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ song would become a trend? What am I talking about? The circle or ring hardware trend of course. I’m not talking about polka dots either. Look at some of your favorite accessories however and you will notice some sort of ring detailing.

Wearable Trends: The Classic Camel Coat

This month I want to get serious…. but keep it fun, because fashion is supposed to fun, right? This month I want to focus on a trend I wouldn’t necessarily call “trendy” but it’s a classic and it’s ALWAYS in style. You can wear it for a day look or an evening look, you can invest in an absolutely beautiful designer one or go mid-tier and still get a great bang for your buck. And either way, you’ll wear it until the end of the time. Let’s talk camel coats, shall we?

Pearls Of Wisdom

I recently tried on a pair of Nicholas Kirkwood booties with pearls in the heels and I was pleasantly blown away. I never thought of pearls as an embellishment for anything other than jewelry and for the prim and proper. This season pearls are the embellishment of choice. Just check out half of Gucci’s fall collection. Pearls are on everything from jeans to leather jackets and bags to shoes

Wear It Now: Black & White Stripes

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice! OK, if I saw someone wearing a black and white striped suit that is what I would think, but done correctly black and white stripes are irresistible. Let’s be honest, prison uniforms are now orange so there is no risk of looking like you dug yourself out of a tunnel