My Fall Color Obsession: Pantone’s Riverside Blue

As our dear editor Jacqueline Zenn recently discussed the Pantone colors for Fall ’16 (read What To Wear Now: The Fall 2016 Pantone Colors). The Pantone Color Institute has been accurately predicting colors for spring and fall for years and one color they predicted and I’m obsessed with for this season is Riverside Blue. I already own several items and can not get enough of it. In fact, I need more. It has become my signature color, but I’ll let you borrow it too.

Riverside blue is essentially a medium blue with a touch of gray. You might think it’s pretty darn close to navy and you’d be right, but I feel this shade is a little lighter and warmer. Especially if you find in in gorgeous fabrics like cashmere, silk, satin or velvet. Riverside blue also matches everything (gray, black, camel, brown, etc.) you probably already have in your closet so it’s an easy color to add. I currently own a cashmere coat and sweater in the color, but I’m looking to add more (like maybe a bag, pants, a top and some shoes). I’m on the hunt for a Riverside blue faux fur coat or jacket so if you see one, please let me know! So I thought I would take you on this online shopping journey with me.

Here are some Riverside blue picks:


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