Wall To Wall Style: Giving Your Walls a Makeover

Make your home your happiest place. You should surround yourself with things that make you feel at ease and delighted simultaneously. Giving your walls a makeover is an easy way accomplish this while creating as large or small of an impact as you like. Paint color is the obvious change, but there are many other creative options.

Painting with a stencil

Painting with a stencil is a simple DIY project that easily allows you to control where you place designs. You can also select any color you want to bring into the room. Stencils can be used as an all over pattern or in select spots like around the doors and windows. Try it out around ceiling fixtures or your headboard to make them more grand. By using painters tape you can paint stripes or other simple designs. Try varying the stripe width to create a less traditional look.

No More Fear of wallpaper

For decades people have had a fear of wallpaper based on horror stories removing multiple layers that seem to have been applied with an industrial adhesive. This chore would take forever and could expose you to harsh chemicals while using back breaking force to scrape away the remnants of out-of-date styles. Today there are several companies now producing self-adhesive wallpaper. These wallpapers are simple to install yourself and are easily removed. Gone is the commitment to a pattern that you may tire of in a year.


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Photo Murals

Photo murals create a more dramatic mood. They can take you into a forest, through the French countryside, or into an ancient palace. They can fill an entire wall, recreate a door, create an exotic headboard, and even mimic an area rug. Some companies will even allow you to order custom sizing to create a more professional appearance.

3D wall art

A collection of articles spread on a wall will give the appearance of a wallpaper, but with a richer 3D effect. There is a scene in Gossip Girl when Blair unveils a bedroom connected to her own that she has had designed for Serena. Filling the wall above the headboard were hundreds of black butterflies emanating from an open circle. It is very dramatic and whimsical at the same time. Some flowers climbing from behind a mirror or a flock of birds crossing above a doorway will add some unpredictable whimsy to any room.

These techniques are a great alternative to traditional framed artwork, allowing more of your personality to shine through. Have fun with your walls and use them to make your space your own.

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– Madeleine Donovan

Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit madeleinechicago.com and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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