Stay at Home Chic: Trends You Can Wear Now And Later

If you’re like me and are so completely over quarantine, you might be starting to fantasize about venturing out into the real world again. Nothing sounds more enticing right now than going out to a movie, brunch, doing some shopping or even (gasp!) going into the office. As much as I love wearing my comfy clothes, they lose a lot of appeal when you are wearing them all of the time; the same can be said for enjoying time at home. So for this post I want to tickle everyone’s fantasy of being able to venture out (hopefully that will be sooner rather than later) and explore some clothing trends you can wear now and later Wear them now while still spending time at home and in the future when we can go out and have fun again!

Trends You Can Wear Now And Later

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From The Runway

I know fashion week may have felt like ages ago, but let’s not forget to pay homage to the designers that keep us dreaming in these times of quarantine. Stay-at-home chic is a broad trend that can cover a lot of items and a lot of designers. So I just want to mention one of my favorites. They showcased really nice options and gave us all great ideas on how to take pieces from couch to cocktails when it’s finally time. When browsing back at the looks from Spring 2020 RTW collections, I really loved the crisp whites and easy silhouettes of the Akris show.


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One of my favorite looks was a long, flowing and sheer sleeveless floor-length dress with a scoop neck. It was styled with color block trousers underneath. But the versatility is endless as you can pair it with jeans, shorts or a maxi or midi length skirt underneath. This look makes me dream of having evening cocktails at the local bar on a warm summer night, but you could also wear it enjoying a cocktail on your porch while visiting with neighbors (with proper social distancing of course!)

Wear Now And Later: Comfy Moccasins

I thought it was best to try and be budget-friendly because everyone’s work and financial situation is different. Frankly, who wants to lounge around the house in designer clothes worth a month’s rent or mortgage? So the first of my favorite fashion trends to wear now and in the future are a nice comfy pair of moccasins or slide-ons.  Now that the weather is warming up, I know many of my friends are starting to fire up their backyard grills. They are enjoying the nice weather and dinner al fresco with their families. Instead of throwing on your old sneakers, why not slip into these Sorel Ella Flats and break them in for the spring? Sorel is a known brand for comfort and high quality and I love the metallic color and the lush suede fabrication of this pair. 

Chunky Knit Sweater

Since we are transitioning from cooler temps to warmer ones, there could still be a chill in the air outside or even in certain corners of your home. A beautiful chunky knit pull-over sweater like this Ulla Johnson Cosima Split Hem Sweater is a great piece to wear to cozy up to a good book or out for a late dinner date in the late spring. I’m not normally a huge fan of pink, but the muted, blushy hue on this sweater is incredibly versatile. Also at a little north of $150, you can think of it as a spring investment piece that you can wear over and over again.

Slip Dress

One trending item that it took me a little while to get back on board with was the slip dress. I’ve recently seen the light on them, and now think they are the perfect transitional fashion trend that you can wear now and later. Something lightweight and easy to care for like this Vince Satin Midi Slip Dress is great for staying in. It is also ideal for throwing on when the time has come to step back out on the town. Piecing a look together with this dress for a wedding, a baby shower or a date night would be easy and knowing you can wear it for multiple occasions throughout the season makes it worth the price tag. You can layer almost anything over it and play around with the shoe styling – sneakers for more casual, or sandals for dressier – allows you to take it in any direction you want. 

Expert Style Tips

1. Be mindful of fabrication and fit.

Similar to my last post How To Practice Self Care: Your Stay At Home Wardrobe, when you are looking for items that you can transition from wear now to wear later, you want to make sure that the fabrics are soft, easy to care for, and have a nice and easy fit. It’s important to be comfortable when you’re at home and when out and about. Picking something that will transition nicely will make your life a lot easier.

2. Midi Length can be your best friend.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to walk around my house flaunting a mini skirt nor when I’m out. Conversely, a maxi length skirt can be too long and cause you the trip over yourself if you are not careful (especially walking up and down stairs). This makes a midi length skirt or dress the perfect length for lounging at home. This fashion trend is so strong, once we are able to go out again, you’ll still be in style.

3. Basic colors and silhouettes are ideal.

I hate relaxing at home in clothing that is over-complicated. Simple pull-over or zip front sweaters, wide-leg pants, leggings or tapered joggers are great. I like to apply that same rule to most of my clothing in general. I’m really loving tapered leg joggers right now like these On The Fly Joggers from Lululemon. The camo pattern is subtle but fun and I’d totally wear them on a casual spring day out. 

4. Layer it up.

I love to wear layers when I’m at home. Piling on the layers when it’s chilly and being able to customize as the temperatures shift makes things much easier. The same goes for when I’m out during the spring and summer. It can be warm in the sun one minute and in a second a crisp breeze blowing through the air can make for a drastic change! One of my favorite items for layering is a simple, spaghetti strap tank top to serve as a base. Something simple and incredibly affordable like this First-Layer Tunic Cami from Old Navy is perfect. I’d buy one or two in every color and wear them under pretty much everything. 

Shop Trends To Wear Now And Later

(Pictured above, from left to right)

Express High Waisted Belted Mixed Media Utility Pants, $79.90

Vince Satin Midi Slip Dress, $285

Old Navy Vertical Stripe Split Neck Popover Tunic, now $20

Sorel Ella Slip-On Flat, now $67.46

Ulla Johnson Cosima Split Hem Sweater, now $225

Lululemon On the Fly Jogger Luxtreme 25”, $118

Old Navy First-Layer Tunic Cami, $9

Akris Spring RTW:


What is your favorite trend to wear now and later?

–Carmen Turner

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