Topshop and Bionic Yarn Team Up to Create Sustainable Denim Line

The Bionic Yarn for Topshop denim collection

Tyson Toussant and Tim Coombs, creators of the sustainable fabric Bionic Yarn and sustainable textile company Returns textiles, have teamed up with chic retailer Topshop to present a new way for us to look stylish without damaging the environment.

Toussant and Coombs have launched a three-piece denim collection for Topshop exclusively from their company, which creates highly efficient fabrics out of plastic bottle fibers. The Bionic Yarn denim pieces, which consist of a denim jacket, pair of jeans and pair of shorts are actually intended to improve with age, due to the durability of the Bionic Yarn fibers. The pieces feature classic 70's style detailing and are already favorites of company investor and hip hip star, Parrell Williams. “The coolest thing about Bionic Yarn is that the fabric is actually superior to the average fabric…and the pieces look so good,” Pharrell said fo the collection. The collection ranges in prince from $70 to $100 and launched in Topshop stores and online earlier this week. Stock up now, these pieces will be perfect for spring!

-Alia Rajput

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