Denim, Denim Everywhere: Denim Accessories

Dark blue, light blue, white, black. Our love of denim shows no signs of ever stopping. Now it has evolved to denim accessories. Especially when you notice designer brands like Fendi, Gucci and Valentino with gorgeous denim handbags for spring ’16. And let’s not forget about Jimmy Choo, Vince and Manolo Blahnik denim shoes. So I started poking around a and found denim accessories at every price point.

Must-Have Trend For Spring: The Denim Pencil Skirt

One item you will want to add to your closet (or dig out in my case) is a denim pencil skirt. Some may say this trend is retro and they would be right. I think of the 70’s version my babysitter’s wore that were jeans re-purposed into a long skirt. I thought it was so cool. At any rate, today’s denim pencil skirt is a slim-fit skirt that’s all shades of denim blue, white or black and can be a midi length to just above the knees.

Celebrity Style Steal: Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston brings style to the streets with an easy-to-wear weekend look. Whether you are out shopping or running errands with your kids it’s a look that is not only cozy but chic. Start with an oversized sweater. This Tart cashmere draped sweater can be worn now and into spring. Complement it with a pair …

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The One Thing You’ll Need For Spring

Bored with your boyfriend and skinny jeans? I know I am. Well if there is a cut of jean you should seriously consider for spring, it should be the cropped flare jean. I know. I know. I’m not a fan of culottes either, but hear me out. When I first saw these jeans I too …

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