The One Thing You’ll Need For Spring

Bored with your boyfriend and skinny jeans? I know I am. Well if there is a cut of jean you should seriously consider for spring, it should be the cropped flare jean. I know. I know. I’m not a fan of culottes either, but hear me out. When I first saw these jeans I too thought “there ain’t no way I’m going to wear them.” Nor did I think I could pull them off. Yet, the more I see them and their versatility, not to mention how they flatter most body types – I have changed my mind. I tend to do that. Ask Carol. There are some trends I see and I immediately tell her I hate it. Then a month or two later it grows on me and then the obsession begins. Case in point? A faded pair of two tone, flared, cropped and typically high-rise jeans. You’d think they were a recipe for disaster. However, the high-waist is slimming and shows off the smallest part of the waist and the cut lends itself for showcasing everything from sneakers to booties (just don’t let your socks show). Be mindful not to wear a cropped top if you are over 35. Ever. But especially with this cut. Tuck it in. You will be reaching for these jeans all the time and they are going to be on all your favorite celebrities. They are a must-have for Spring ’16 and were already spotted everywhere at this most recent NYFW. I promise if you get one of these cropped flare jeans, you will thank me later.
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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