Celebrity Style Steal: Jennifer Lopez Dominates Denim

Jennifer Lopez looks effortlessly chic and comfy in a denim romper and sky-high wedges. A romper is the ultimate go-to for summer. It is an easy piece to throw on and off and saves you time since making sure your top matches your bottom is not an issue. When you are over 40, be sure to find a romper with shorts that mid-thigh, or longer, and make sure it is not too tight. JLo may be able to get away with short shorts, but most of us are not on stage every day like she is (nor do we have her legs)

How Could Bill Cunningham Die? I Thought He Was Immortal.

Fashion really is dead in New York. While fashion industry insiders continue to debate the slow death knell of New York Fashion Week – now it is officially over for me. I was and am still in total shock photographer Bill Cunningham passed away this past Saturday. OK, he was 87 but I honestly thought he was immortal and would live forever. In case you don’t know who he was, Mr. Cunningham was the original street style photographer in New York City. This stick figure of a man rode around the streets of NYC on a bike in his trademark French blue jacket and khakis with his 35-millimeter camera draped around his neck where he observed and chronicled street fashion and ever changing trends for nearly 40 years for The New York Times.