Must-Have Trend For Spring: The Denim Pencil Skirt

One item you will want to add to your closet (or dig out in my case) is a denim pencil skirt. Some may say this trend is retro and they would be right. I think of the 70’s version my babysitter’s wore that were jeans re-purposed into a long skirt. I thought it was so cool. At any rate, today’s denim pencil skirt is a slim-fit skirt that’s all shades of denim blue, white or black and can be a midi length to just above the knees. You may also find ones that button down the front and/or have fraying at the hem. Basically any of them will keep you on trend.

I was fortunate to come across a perfect denim pencil skirt with a front slit in my own closet. I actually bought it for fall in about 2001 in Chicago and I wore it all winter long with tights and leather boots. It still works today, but since the fabric is fairly light I intend to rock it all spring and summer long.

Just make sure you don’t style yourself old in your denim pencil skirt. What do I mean? If you feel frumpy or dumpy, pair your skirt with a fitted tank and some strappy sandals. You want to feel sexy, not 60+. Yes, the younger set may look adorable in a denim pencil skirt worn with a white button down and Stan Smiths, but if you wore this as your preppy uniform in the 80’s, don’t do it now. You want to look current, not stuck in a time warp.


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