The Best Sushi On Long Island? Restaurant Yamaguchi in Port Washington

If you live in or ever visit Port Washington and drive down Main Street, there is one thing you will notice immediately – there are a LOT of sushi joints in this little town. Most are good, but Restaurant Yamaguchi is spectacular, and trust me, I have eaten a lot of sushi in my life. Not Jeremy Piven levels, but close. It’s no wonder this gem got a 25 in Zagat in 2012-2013.

I’ve heard about this restaurant from locals since we moved here a couple of years ago. “If you think (blank) has good sushi, wait until you try Yamaguchi.” Well I waited! Apparently it had burned a few years ago, closed and was set to reopen at a new location on Main St. which seemed to sit unfinished and not open for forever. The awning went up, but the lights never came on. Then one day last fall it opened and I kept meaning to go, but finally did last weekend. Now I know why everybody was excited for Yamaguchi to re-open. It’s that good.

The sushi bar

The restaurant was packed when we arrived at 7:30 pm last Saturday and thankfully we had a reservation. There were several parties waiting by the door hoping a table would open. We were seated immediately and looked around and noticed the restaurant is not huge, very brightly lit (I would have liked it a little less bright) and packed with families…with children! We left ours at home. As soon as we sat a small plate of edamame was placed on the table. What a great start! The service was friendly and efficient, yet we did not feel rushed.


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Now THIS is how I like to start a meal! With cold sake too.

My husband is not as big of a sushi fan as I am so we ordered gyoza and a shrimp tempura roll to share. The gyoza were some of the best we’ve ever had. We were also brought a small appetizer of tiny fried eggplant in a soy sauce I could not stop eating. The dressing that came with our salads was also sublime. In fact, I think I spooned up every last drop.


The eggplant appetizer
Shrimp Tempura Roll

For dinner my husband ordered the steak teriyaki and I ordered the chef’s sushi selection because I wanted to try a taste of everything. Let me first say I used to be a raw tuna fan, but over the years I have grown to dislike it. Sometimes it’s tough and I just prefer to eat a spicy tuna roll where they mix it with sauce and call it a day. I can eat raw salmon all day long though. My platter arrived with a tuna roll and one piece of tuna sushi, but it was the freshest, softest and most delicious tuna I think I have ever eaten! The other pieces of sushi were equally as fresh and heavenly, but it was the tuna that made me change my mind about tuna. It was sensational – in fact, I really didn’t want to share any of my tuna roll with my husband, but I did.

My chef’s choice sushi plate
restaurant-yamaguchi-long-island-steak teriyaki
My husband’s dinner
Our dessert

His steak teriyaki was also delightful. I had to try a bite, but I was all about the sushi. I noticed many other tables consuming beautiful bowls of noodles. The menu had about a dozen varieties and next time I go I will make sure to try one. The prices were not as high as we expected. They are pretty much in par with other sushi restaurants in the area. While my husband and I were picking at our fresh fruit plate dessert (which we did not order but arrived) we discussed how so many sushi places can stay in business, especially when this one is so special – and when we’d be coming back. Will be soon, trust me. But with our without the kids?

Restaurant Yamaguchi
49 Main Street
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 883-3500


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