Second City Style's Best Trend Picks of 2010


OK, so the year is almost over, but thankfully some of our favorite trends still have some shelf-life left in them. We could belabor the worst trends of the year, but we think harem pants have been covered to death. Therefore we would like to end the year on a positive note: the best trends of 2010.

Here they are in no particular order (we like them equally):


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1. Faux fur: What's not to like? It's warm, cheaper and more PC than the real deal.

2. Fedora: The Mad Men look works on practically everybody.

3. Lace-up dessert booties: Either wedges, spiked heeled or flat, we couldn't get enough.

4. Military jackets: Totally utilitarian, totally amazing.

5. Gold: After a few years of silver, gunmetal and bronze, gold stole our hearts.

6. Camel coats: These seem to live on, so why not invest in something not black?

7. Animal print accessories: A little print goes a long way and matches with many colors.

8. Nude shoes: The perfect way to make your bare legs look longer.

9. Skinny cargos: Lauren now has 8 pairs…and counting.

10. Sequins: Noting says glam better than a whole lot of sparkle!

Which ones do you think will be back next year (maybe over-the-knee boots…a carryover from 2009)? We'd love to hear from you.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters & Carol Calacci


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