The Oversized Buckle Trend: The Bigger The Better

When I think about oversized buckles on shoes and bags I immediately think of Roger Vivier who has been making his iconic buckle shoes since the 60’s. Yet it was when I was walking by a Zara store this past fall I noticed a belt with a massive square crystal buckle I thought “I sorta need one of those.” Then of course I promptly forgot, because that’s how I roll.

The Oversized Buckle Trend

Last week I ventured into my local Gucci store (if I had $10K to blow I would head straight there by the way) and I saw my favorite double G belt with an oversized buckle and then I was thinking, “It’s a trend. And one I must own.” So I did what any woman with a laptop would do, I went shopping.

It turns out I didn’t need to look that hard. Oversized buckles are on everything from shoes, to bags to jewelry and of course, belts. And since it’s an accessory I am of the school of thought “the bigger the better!”


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How To Wear The Oversized Buckle Trend

It goes without saying that you should only wear one item with a big buckle at a time. If you have them on your feet, keep your belt buckle smaller. If you are wearing a giant belt buckle, skip the bag with the oversized buckle that day. The one makes a statement all on it’s own.

Let’s shop!

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