10 Teddy Bear Coats For Under $100 To Buy Right Now

Who doesn’t love a soft, cuddly teddy bear? Well if you live somewhere cold, you need to be wear one this winter. Teddy bear coats are a huge trend. And by huge I truly mean they are massive. Yet, if are are looking for warmth, a teddy bear coat is the way to go! They are often called faux fur, but either way, they are snuggly soft.

The Teddy Bear Coat Makes A Statement

I am of the belief you can’t have too many coats (you really need to see my coat closet, it’s a little insane). This is particularly true if you live in a cold climate during the winter. Since my coats tend to be my statement pieces I like to have a few chic options and my current favorite are teddy bear coats. Designers like Max Mara, Miu Miu and Burberry all showed them on the runways, but now they are having a major fashion moment. Better yet, you don’t need to spend designer prices to look chic.

How To Wear A Teddy Bear Coat

Be warned, I can say from experience, you will not look slender in a teddy bear coat. They are hulking so if your goal is to look skinny, this may not be the coat fr you. However, they are so warm and cuddly how can you resist? Besides, everyone is wearing them so clearly it’s OK. And just be sure to wear skinny leg pants under them. Another bonus it because they are so warm. you won’t need a thick sweater underneath.


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Shop Teddy Bear Coats Under $100

Here are 10 teddy bear coats under $100 eachHow To Get This Warm and Fuzzy Sandra Bullock Look for Less.

Which one (or few) teddy bear coats speak to you?

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10 Teddy Bear Coats For Under $100

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