7 Things You Need To Do Before Making A Big Purchase

So you’re thinking of investing in something new and fabulous that’s also a pretty big splurge. And accordingly, you want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile before making a big purchase! That’s why you should ask yourself these important questions before you invest.

7 Things You Need To Do Before Making a Big Purchase

There are seven steps you should take before you actually put down the plastic for a fashion investment.

making a big purchase black leather blazer
Michael Kors Collection Leather blazer, $1,995

1. Can you wear it with at least six things in your closet?

This is essential, since if you are investing in an item you want to make sure that you can wear them on a near daily basis. Figure out pairings before you buy an investment piece. One of your favorite examples is this Michael Kors leather blazer. It would work with everything from an evening dress to jeans.


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making a big purchase black denim trousers
James Jeans Jhene Trouser Jeans, $194

2. Will it work for at least two seasons of the year where you live?

Of course this varies depending your location, but you probably want to be able to wear something you splurge on pretty often! So a great pair of trouser jeans might be an ideal investment, like this black pair from James Jeans.

making a big purchase black gold velvet wrap dress
Diane von Furstenberg Metallic Animal-Print Velvet Devore Wrap Dress, $648

3. What’s the resale value or potential? After all, you might not love it forever.

Check out eBay, Poshmark, etc. before you invest just in case you might not love it forever. Big labels like Gucci or popular brands like Madewell tend to do best at resale. Diane Von Furstenberg is another great choice, but you might want to wear this elegant leopard print devore velvet wrap dress for quite a while before you even consider selling it.

making a big purchase black balanciaga moto bag
Balenciaga Arena Leather Small City Bag, $2,160
making a big purchase hermes H buckle belt 2 tone
Hermes Reversible Mini Constance 24MM Belt Kit, $545

4. How long have you coveted this particular piece? Trends die, but true style is forever.

Have you been wishing for this piece for a long time? Longer than a year? If you can easily afford it, it’s time to splurge. Something like a classic Balenciaga moto bag or an Hermes belt will never go out of style.

making a big purchase gucci horsebit black loafers on feet
Gucci Jordaan Horsebit-detailed Leather Loafers, $730

5. Is an upgrade for something else you wear nearly every day?

Having something luxurious that you use nearly every day is not just an upgrade for your closet, but an upgrade for your life. For instance, if you wear flats to work every day, a pair of classic menswear style Gucci horsebit loafers like these could be a worthwhile investment.

making a big purchase black turtleneck dress lbd
Veronica Beard Jean Manda Dress, $295

6. Do you find it personally iconic? E.g. when you look back at pictures of yourself, will you will you be happy to see yourself wearing that item in the pics?

Trends die and clothing wears out, but pictures are forever. Something like this little black turtleneck dress by Veronica Beard could be a lifelong, and flattering favorite. And you can change it up with accessories for every unique occasion.

making a big purchase gold panther ring gold green eyes cartier
Panthère de Cartier Ring Yellow Gold, Onyx, Tsavorite Garnet, $6,000


7. Does it make you smile every time you look at it?

That might be all you need to justify the purchase. Especially if it is something like a piece from Cartier (we’re partial to the Panthère rings).

All of these seven things are important aspects to consider before you invest in something great, but the last one might be the most essential. After all, why should you splurge on something that doesn’t make you happy on a daily basis?

Are you thinking about making a big purchase soon? What is your favorite fashion investment?

– Jacqueline Zenn

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7 Things To Do Before Making a Big Purchase


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