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Shop For Designer Chic Presidents Day Style!

Today is Presidents Day! Your may have the day off and are at home or with your kids today. Presidents Day was originally established to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on February 22nd and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday on February 12th, so if you have a little extra time today, why not shop some chic “Founding Fathers” …

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7 Things You Need To Do Before Making A Big Purchase

So you’re thinking of investing in something new and fabulous that’s also a pretty big splurge. And accordingly, you want to make sure that your investment is worthwhile before making a big purchase! That’s why you should ask yourself these important questions before you invest. 7 Things You Need To Do Before Making a Big …

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The Way To Go High Low: The Perfect Patio Party Outfit

My desire to find covetable fashion pieces led me to this perfect patio party outfit for the season. I’m planning a margaritas couples wedding shower (yes my dear friend’s daughter is getting married!) I can’t believe I have reached “that age”! But that doesn’t mean I won’t dress up for the party!