The Boots I Can’t Stop Wearing

This winter I am obsessed with coats and boots. Keep in mind, I had to stop wearing heels in the past four years so I took it upon myself to clear out my closet of heels. (I did keep my Louboutin booties but will only stand still in them). Now have amassed quite a collection of boots I can’t stop wearing.

Keep in mind this boot collection is mainly practical so I can (try to) get more than one season out of them. If it’s super trendy style I will not invest a lot of money since I will most likely only wear them a few times in one season. There are certain pairs I replace every season (Chelsea boots) since I were them into the ground. Also, I walk around a lot in NYC so some of my boots really take a beating. The boots that can be salvaged I take to a shoe repair place and have them fixed at the beginning of spring. If they look awful before you pack them away, you will never want to wear them the next winter. So my tip is to fix them before you pack them away.

Here are the boots I can’t stop wearing.

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13 Pairs of Winter Boots I can't stop wearing

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