The New Buzz on The Birkin: It's Available!


The classic Hermes Birkin bag

It seemed that not long ago (a year, actually) that luxury brand Hermes announced they were breeding crocodiles in Australia just to keep up with the tremendous demand for their iconic handbag, the Birkin. Often seen dangling on the arms of Hollywood's A-listers like Victoria Beckham and J.Lo, the Hermes Birkin bag has long been the definition of unattainable chic, and not just due to the extravagant price tag (they range from $6,500 to $120,000). But despite the hefty sum, there has always been more demand than supply for the gorgeous croc-skinned bag, forcing the label to create whats become known as the mother of all waiting lists. Even last year during the peak of the economic recession, the wait-list became so long the house had to eventually close it down!

Katie Holmes toting her Birkin bag

But oddly enough, now that the economic tide has started to turn, the demand for the bag may be receding as well. Hermes retailers have confirmed that there is significant inventory of the coveted style currently in stores, and e-commerce site  Portero Luxury is boasting Birkin in its latest headlining banner. So what's with the sudden change? Are there suddenly enough Birkins for even us commoners to tote around everyday? The answer is-who cares! Go out and get yourself a piece of coveted luxury while you still can. Just please, don't take a Sharpie maker to it like Lady GaGa.

Article Source: NY Mag, Shefinds


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