WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

Brooke Shields at the 45th Annual National Magazine Awards in New York

Comment: WWAWS, or rather, What Would Anna Wintour Say about the host of the evening's drag queen-inspired dress. Shields could not have picked a worst event to bring out this gaudy get up, since most of the country's top fashion editors were in attendance. But even if she didn't wow the crowds in New York, she definitely would have packed some seedy lounge in Vegas.

She's Thinking: I just need a piano to drape myself over.


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Nina Garcia at the 45th Annual National Magazine Awards

Comment: I may have spoke too soon about the fashion editors in attendance. Garcia, who is always the epitome of chic, looks a little too casual for my taste for this stylish soiree. The top of her tank dress looks more like a Speedo bathing suit while the bottom is a conglomerate of asymmetrical tiers, ruffles and fabrics. All and all its too arts and craft-sy and what's going in with the sparkly party underneath?

She's Thinking: This is a tear-away skirt in case I feel the need to ride some waves!

Heather Matazzaro at a Kiehls event in New York

Comment: Matazzaro is kind a "Don't" in more ways than one here, which is really a shame considering she's gorgeous and rocks an awesome bod. But sadly, she insists on covering herself up in a Trinity from "The Matrix", uber-goth kind of way. And bad enough as that all is, the absolutely inexcusable part of this is the ridiculous, floor- dragging length of her pants. I mean come one! Has no on ever taught her that your pants are supposed to go over your shoes?! If she was trying to scare me with this outfit, then it worked.

She's Thinking: The latest trend in goth fashion is the "No Feet" look.  

Katy Perry at the ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood

Comment: Speaking of which, Katy Perry's attempt at a gown is another classic example of when good lengths go bad. Its really too bad because Perry's dress would have been much cuter if it would have just stopped at the knee like it was supposed to, instead of continuing on in an unnecessary and superfluously long train.
As it is now, it just looks like someone mugged her and made off with the front of her dress.

She's Thinking: Does anyone else feel a draft?

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-Alia Rajput 


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