Heart It or Hate It: Jimmy Choo's Light-Up 'Zap Sandal'

The newest shoe du jour? Jimmy Choo's light-up Zap Sandal

When I chose to call out Katy Perry in last week's WTF!, (nothing personal Katy, I still love you), I was so dismayed by her randomly cut-out skirt, that I didn't even allow my eyes to wander further south to her shoes. Perry had in fact broken out the latest innovation from footwear haute house, Jimmy Choo. The shoes, which are quickly gaining momentum as the next "It" style, are the Zap Sandals which boast a five-inch heel that actually lights up when you dance. The cost of such a privilege? $2,500.

Katy Perry in her too-small Zap Sandals

Perry flashed around her little piggies in the light-up heels, telling the likes of Kid Rock and Adrian Grenier at a Hollywood party that the shoes were two sizes two small but she didn't mind the pinchy pain because she loved them so much. Other Choo lovers seemingly agree since a wait list has already begun for the style. As for the fashion media, some have lauded the shoes for their GaGa-like invention while others think the light-up lucite is hardly worth the pricetag. One thing's for sure, expect to see some kind of Steve Madden rip-off in no time!

Check out the New York Post's test-drive of the JImmy Choo Zap Sandal.


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Article Source: NY Mag, The New York Post
Photo Source: The Huffington Post
-Alia Rajput

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