The 8 Best Organic Lip Glosses (You Are What You Eat)

I recently read women ingest nearly 4 pounds of gloss/lipstick in their lifetime. Considering I am constantly applying the two throughout the day I am going to assume I consume even more. That’s rather gross and scary! We live in a country where cosmetics companies don’t necessarily have to put every ingredient on the label (and from other countries it can be even worse) so it can be rather difficult to find glosses with color and saturation we like that are non-toxic. Therefore, if we are indeed ingesting even the teeniest the minimum amount shouldn’t we be concerned what’s in the products we are applying? I frankly never really gave it much thought. Until now.


It would seem since everyone today is so concerned with GMO’s, organic, gluten, wheat and everything else we eat, why aren’t we thinking about our gloss/lipstick? I mean at some point we ingest some of it. It doesn’t all disappear on to our napkins. So why shouldn’t glosses and lipstick should be as safe as possible?


Stay clear from parabens (which can mess with our hormones) and philates (which can interfere with our with hormones and reproduction). Formaldehyde releasing ingredients of all sorts are bad for you, butylated hydroxinisol (BHA) is a carcinogen, oxybenzone has claims to protect lips from the sun but can cause cell damage and lead is bad for obvious reasons. Even fragrance can mean some of the harmful ingredients above are hidden in the scent. So be sure to read the labels even if the package says organic, etc.

Above are some glosses that fit the bill and below you will find lipsticks.

1. Sparitual Shine On Lip Gloss, $19

2. Intelligent Nutrients Gloss, $24.50

3. Jane Iredale Puregloss Lipgloss, $24

4. Nudestix Lip Pen Gloss, $24

5. Kiss My Face Sheer Organic Shimmer, $24.99

6. Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss, $15

7. Vapour Organic Beauty Plumping Lip Gloss, $22

8. Eminence Organic Kiss Lip Gloss, $28


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– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Fountain Of 30

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