How To Wear A Jumpsuit

How To Wear A Jumpsuit: The All-In-One Outfit

As much as I love to meticulously piece together the perfect outfit, I will admit that sometimes the process is burdensome. I’m either on a time crunch or just can’t quite find the right combination. It’s on those days that I’m super grateful for this month’s trend: the jumpsuit! I’ll show you how to wear …

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drawstring style

A Trend Gaining New Heights: Parachute Into Drawstring Style

Designers are taking a new approach to utilitarian fashion this season. Enter the drawstring. I’m not talking about drawstring waistlines, drawstring handbags or drawstrings on the bottom edge of a parka. The latest drawstring style doesn’t really seem to serve any purpose at all, other than to create interesting shirred textures and shaping (and to …

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bold logo bags

Wearable Trends: In-Your-Face Logo Bags

Sometimes the best way to express your style is not with clothes or a subtle nod to your favorite fashion era; it’s with bold, in-your-face logos! The era of dainty and demure handbags has passed us by (at least for this season) and loud, glaring logos and labels are what it’s all about for spring …

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