Should Women Over 40 Wear Slogans, Logos and Graphic Prints?

For spring 2018 and once again for fall 2018 designers were (literally) making a statement with words and messages on their fashions. Prada, Dior, Moschino and Balmain among others walked words and large graphic prints down the runways. Should women over 40 wear slogans and graphic prints?

If you ask me I would right off the bat say “no”. This is just my opinion, because I actually decided as a young woman immediately after graduating college (ironically with a degree in graphic design) I would no longer wear a team name, bar logo, concert emblem or the like on my clothing. Don’t get me wrong I love the shapes of fonts and characters. I just thought it was cooler and more like a graphic designer to wear minimalist looks, sans prints and patterns, much less words!

Should women over 40 wear slogans and graphic prints? runway prada spring 18, dior spring 18, moschino fall 18
Prada Spring 18 RTW, Dior Spring 18 RTW and Moschino Fall 18 RTW

So now designers are making their statements with words and graphic prints emblazoned on their designs. You have to decide if you like their statement (sometimes political or with humor and whimsy) or want to display their logo name. In essence paying them to give them advertising. They should be paying us!


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Here’s an example. This Faith Connexion L.A. Sweatshirt reads “Los Angeles is my Hometown.” Now, does anyone really care if you live in LA? Or do you want to pretend to be from LA, if you are not? I admit I love the overall look of this sweatshirt (ehem, especially from the front) because I appreciate the bold white graphic lettering and the shapes the characters create on the arms. I just don’t really care about what it says.

Back to the question: Can a woman’s over 40 wear the slogans, logos and graphic prints trend? Here are a few exceptions for women over 40 that make this graphic trend acceptable.

1. Keep the trend to a minimum and wear your words on a handbag, scarf, belt or shoe. Prada added their comic print on a shoe bow!

2. Be sure the message you are repeating is one you truly believe in or find humor in.

3. Go for graphic patterns. When words are used in patterns such as newspaper, comics, graffiti or pop art style graphics, they are no longer a word on a T-shirt but become interesting and wearable art. Find and wear these prints on skirts, dresses and even jackets.

4. Go ahead and wear your favorite vintage concert T, sports team name, school logo or message in words! Only wear the t-shirt under a structured blazer or moto jacket so the graphic is only partially revealed. Not only will you look cooler, but your words will be more like an intriguing spot of color than a billboard.

I love fashion trends and think women of all ages can always be bold and expressive with what they wear. So if you want wear a University of Illinois T-shirt, go for it, and own it! Only it may look better peeking out from under a jacket.

Lauren Dimet Waters wearing a Ramones Tshirt under a leather jacket
Lauren wearing a Ramones Tshirt under a leather jacket.
Shop The Graphic Prints Trend

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Prada Leather Comic Print Belt, $460

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