Bold and Gorgeous Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Color Trends

Can you believe it’s been a year since COVID-19 hit the US? I know last year wasn’t the best year for spring fashion, but it seems this year we may see a glimmer of hope for a somewhat proper season. Businesses are starting to open up and spring trends are calling. Not to mention, we got a nice taste of spring weather here in Chicago, so I’m especially energized for the season. What tends to be the most fun for me when it comes to the spring season is not the actual trends, but the bright, bold color stories. Let’s take a look at the Spring/Summer 2021 fashion color trends.

Spring/Summer 2021 Fashion Color Trends

spring summer 2021 fashion color trends fountainof30

This year, the Pantone Color Institute released the top ten standout colors for the spring summer 2021 season, all of which were expected to be featured on the New York Fashion Week runways. The highly pigmented colors provide a lovely bright pop that would look beautiful with whatever spring clothing trends you decide to try. Here are five of the highly anticipated spring colors for 2021


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Marigold Color Trend

I love this color, described by the Pantone Color Institute as “a comforting golden orange infused yellow lends a warming presence.” It’s a beautiful, golden orange that looks like sunshine and presents absolutely stunning on dark and olive skin tones.  I’m so happy this color is trending this year. I don’t normally go for warm colors, but this one I will definitely try in several options for the season. I personally would go with a top; something you can wear with jeans like this Ruffled Eyelet Top. You can also opt for a bold accessory or shoe like these Gentle Souls Signature Colleen Wedge Sandals. This color pairs well with other bright colors (including some of the other spring summer 2021 Pantone colors) especially rich greens and purples. 

Green Ash

The Pantone Color Institute describes this color as “a mentholated green that cools and soothes.” This green is reminiscent of sage or what you think of when you hear mint. For me this color is a little too pastel, but for those who love soft colors, this is a great option to try for spring summer 2021. Create a one and done look with this Coasting Along Sleeveless Dress by ModCloth. You can pair it with a loose-fitting blazer and a pair of neutral sandals or a denim jacket and your favorite sneakers. A color like this can really bring out the green hues in someone’s eyes. So don’t be afraid to play up your assets with this help of your fashion choices. 

Raspberry Sorbet

This deep pinky hue is super feminine and beautiful. I love this color for a long, drapey maxi dress like this Love Stitch Gauze Maxi Dress, bonus points for it being incredibly affordable. Plus, if you gained any weight during quarantine (no judgement zone here!) this dress is perfect if you’re not feeling bikini ready. I also adore this easy piece in raspberry from Soft Surrounding. You just throw on some leggings and you’re good to go. This color would also look amazing if you wanted to translate it into your makeup look. What do you think of rocking this color as a bold lip? Yes, please!

French Blue

Who doesn’t love blue? The Pantone Color Institute describes French Blue as “a stirring blue hue that awakens a vision of Paris in the springtime.” It’s universally flattering and will never go out of style. The spring summer color trends absolutely have to have blues in them, and this one is soft yet bold and perfect for the season. You can find so many options inspired by this color trend in clothing and accessories. Try this Satine V-neck Blouse from Banana Republic or this Crossbody bag by Thacker


Described by the Pantone Color Institute as “the color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day,” this blue is soft and ethereal and I’m totally here for it. It would look beautiful on ivory or alabaster skin tones as well as deeper skin tones. If you want to lean into the ethereal vibe, you can opt for this WAYF Angelina Sleeveless Gown. Pair it with some whimsical jewelry for a softer look, or go for a few bold statement pieces if you are feeling more edgy. 

Spring/Summer 2021 C0lor Trends Expert Styling Tips:

  • Colors are fun, let’s keep them that way! Playing with color is supposed to be fun, so don’t take it all too seriously. No need to scavenge the internet or your local stores to try and find the perfect match for the Pantone colors. Look for colors inspired by their official colors. It’s all about personal expression and feeling good.
  • Invest in a quality piece. It’s OK to invest in a nice piece here since for the most part, colors don’t go out of style. If you want to invest in a high end marigold item, by all means, do it! You are likely to stand out for your bold fashion choice in the best way. Beautiful hues will always be coveted in the fashion world, so don’t stop yourself from buying a piece you love out of fear it won’t be viable next season. Shop away!
  • Don’t forget your color theory. I love playing with color combinations and if you do too this is the perfect time to remember the color wheel (or refresh your memory with one on the internet) and find some complementary colors to bring into your color story.
  • Neutrals work too. Don’t love too many colors and want to keep it simple? In addition to the ten colors they featured for spring summer 2021, the Pantone Color Institute also released five “core classic” colors including Inkwell, Ultimate Gray, Buttercream, Desert Mist and Willow. These are all muted neutrals that are timeless and will never fall out of trend. So if you are not super into colors, you can continue to wear your neutrals and still be considered on top of your fashion game. 

Shop The Spring/Summer 2021 C0lor Trends

Anthropologie Delphine Ruffled Eyelet Top, $98

Gentle Souls Signature Colleen Wedge Sandal, $99

ModCloth Coasting Along Sleeveless Dress, $39.99

Love Stitch Gauze Maxi Dress, $29.97

Soft Surroundings Indeevar Top, $79.95

Banana Republic Soft Satin V-Neck Blouse, $79.50

Thacker Nikki Crossbody Bag, $39.97

WAYF The Angelina Sleeveless Wrap Gown with Front Slit, $138

Do you have a favorite new color for Spring/Summer 2021?

– Carmen Turner

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