Fresh Home Decor For The New Year 2022

It’s a new year, and let’s face it, in many parts of the country we will be staying inside our homes a lot for the next few months. If you recently put away your holiday decorations, your home may look a little empty. Sure, it’s nice to see clean lines without clutter but now your space may appear to be a bit drab. Just as we like to have a fresh new start in the new year, I believe fresh home decor is also in order.

Fresh Home Decor For The New Year 2022

Here are 5 easy ways to brighten up your home along with your outlook in 2022.

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1. Fresh New Color

One of the most exciting things about home decor in the new year is to take a look at the latest color trends. Pantone’s New York Fashion trend report for spring-summer 2022 includes a range of colors that “connects our need for calm and comfort with free-spirited optimism and joyful adventure.”  Bright yellow Daffodil, deep teal Harbor Blue and intense purple Dahlia are among my favorites! Use any of thees as accents in your home this winter. Add shots of one or more of the new color trends with pillow covers, throw blankets, trays, plates, mugs, vases or table clothes. Adding a “new” color is one of the simplest ways to give a fresh new look to your living room decor and you don’t have to spend a lot of cash.

2. Lighten Up

The right lighting makes the room! Especially in winter, we need lighting to lift our moods and warm our spirits, such as a sunshine-mimicking therapeutic light box. You may like to add some lighting to make your room more cozy. This set of flameless battery operated candles is a safe way to light up a fireplace that may not be working or is too much of a hassle to light! Simply use the remote control or set a timer for a beautiful fireplace glow. You can also set up this grouping of candles on an end table or even the floor to create the feeling of a fireplace, minus the mess or any danger of a real fire.

3. Movement and Flow

A tranquil addition to any room is a piece that adds movement, such as an aquarium, a lava lamp or even a small waterfall. Or you can emulate all of the above (and more) with a DVD on your TV. Why not lay off the TV news during your workday and enjoy a little tranquil scenery instead that will transform your room?

4. Window to Another World

You may also choose a still wall mural, photo or painting giving the scenery you desire that is nothing like your own (perhaps drab wintertime) backyard. The sky is the limit with the right piece of artwork. It can be anything you would like see out of your window, from a sandy Carribean surf to a walk down a European square. Choose a scene that makes you smile.

5. Clean and Sustainable

Clean lines as well as sustainable items are trending for 2022. This wonderful recycled glass top accent table from Pottery Barn  will fit in with any home decor and it’s sustainably sourced.

These are all very easy ways to give you fresh home decor style for the new year. Enjoy staying inside this winter while you adore a few new pieces for your updated space.

Shop Fresh Home Decor Ideas 2022

Pictured above from left to right:

Yosoo 18 × 18 inches Solid Suede Nap Cushion Cover Bed Sofa Throw Pillow Case, Yellow, $6.75

DEZENE Throw Pillow Cases 20×20 Teal, 2 for $22.69

PAVILIA Plush Sherpa Throw Blanket, $19.99

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Vinkor Flameless Candles Battery Operated Candles, Set of 9 Ivory Real Wax Pillar LED Candles with Remote and Timer, $22.99

Koller Products PanaView 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit, $39.99

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DVD Box Set – Fireplaces, Aquariums and Natural Scenery, $34.95

Caribbean Beach Sand & Sea Canvas Wall Art Picture Print (24x16in), $59.99

Pottery Barn Cori 10″ Round Recycled Glass Accent Table, $199

Are you going to update your home decor for 2022?

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