Luxurious Loungewear Under $100 That You Need In 2022

If you have spent what feels like way too much time wearing your sweats, pajamas, or other “house clothes” lately, you are definitely not alone. And really, if we’re all still staying at home when necessary, why not be comfortable? I found the most luxurious loungewear under $100 that you will want and need this (new) year.

You don’t want to stain, stretch out, or otherwise damage the good pieces that you actually wear outside. But you also don’t want to keep wearing the same threadbare tees and sweats either! Plus spending money on house clothes often doesn’t feel worth it since almost no one else will see them. 

Of course, we are all for easy outfits when you’re lounging home. That said, wearing the same hoodie or sweatpants day in and day out simply feels dismal and depressing – like you’ve just given up. 


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Luxurious Loungewear Under $100

So why not start off the new year with new loungewear that is actually stylish and flattering? Your clothing can have a strong effect on your mood, of course, and accordingly wearing something new and cheerful can elevate your mood. 

While splurging on loungewear isn’t our preference, we found some great deals so you can update your at-home wardrobe for under $100 a pop. Plus you’ll likely re-wear these pieces all winter long, so consider the relatively low cost-per-wear as well as your everyday well-being and mood in the New Year. 

Here are some of our favorite pieces to start your 2022 off in comfort and style….

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Dress it up in Hoodie and Sweatshirt Dresses

If the nap dresses that were seemingly ubiquitous on your social media in 2021 were just not your thing but you’re into the idea of a cozy one-piece outfit, then a hoodie dress like this one from Old Navy might be your new favorite at-home apparel. Want something a little more polish but still just as cozy? Try this asymmetrical sweatshirt dress from Athleta

Update your Oversize Pants

If you simply cannot put on another pair of sweatpants or leggings, try a pair of oversize lounge pants that look like palazzos but feel like PJs. Bonus points if they come in a fun print, like these from Cristina Martinez at Nordstrom

Stick with Matching Luxurious Loungewear Sets

We always feel more put together in a coordinated print or monotone set, and something like this deep blue one from SummerSalt feels more intentional than a standard sweatsuit. If you love all things animal print as we do, this Flora by Flora Nikrooz printed velour set.

Warm Up with Fleece Lining

You might be totally over sweatpants, but there’s no denying how practical they are for the coldest days of winter. This is why we suggest you update your sweats with a sherpa-lined pair like these from Flygo via Amazon. They are extra warm and extra luxe, especially in a pastel color or really, anything but the standard gray. 

Throw on a Jumpsuit

There is nothing easier than tossing on a jumpsuit and paired with a sweatshirt or light jacket, you might still feel put-together enough to run errands or at least answer the door. We’re fans of ones with some definition at the waist, like this tie-front style jumpsuit from Soma

Skip the Hoods

Something with a draped collar like this cardigan from Z by Zella feels just like your favorite hoodie but looks so much sleeker. Throw it on over nearly anything (including the pieces in the rest of this list) and you’ll nail the relaxed chic look for 2022.  

Regardless of what luxurious loungewear you choose, we think that adding a bit of jewelry or a favorite scarf and doing our eyebrows and mascara go a long way towards making whatever we wear around the house feel more like we’re actually getting dressed for the day. This is especially important for those of us who work from home or are otherwise not going out and about as much this winter! 

Shop Loungewear Under $100

(Pictured above from left to right)

Old Navy Loose Hooded Sweatshirt Shift Dress for Women, $34

Atheta Cozy Karma Asym Sweatshirt Dress, $128

Nordstrom Cristina Martinez Gender Inclusive Oversize Lounge Pants, $45

Flygo Women’s Winter Warm Fleece Joggers Pants Sherpa Lined, from $27.99

SummerSalt The All Day & Night Long Sleeve Set, $95

Flora by Flora Nikrooz Leslie Printed Velour Pajama Set, now $46.80

Soma Tie Front Jumpsuit, now $49.99

Z by Zella Shooting Star Drape Collar Cardigan, now $23.97

What are your favorite loungewear items? Do you splurge on clothes to wear around the house, or do you just wear any old pieces, no matter what they look like? Share in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group! 

–Jacqueline Zenn

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