Just Belt It Out! Belt Trends For Winter 2021

Do you have any once-beloved outfits or pieces that you still appreciate, but they just aren’t doing it for you lately? Do you feel like you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? This season’s belt trends may be the answer.

We’ve been there. Maybe the silhouette seems a tad dated or your clothes just don’t fit the way they used to, or perhaps you are just a little over the style in general. 

If you are not ready to consign those pieces to the donation pile or otherwise give them away, then you might try adding a belt to see how you feel about these items or ensembles now. Try one of the following options to see what a belt can do to enhance your current collection of pieces. You might actually have more to wear than you think! 


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Best Belt Trends for Winter

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Everyday Belts

Whether or not you need the belt to actually hold up your pants, wearing a simple belt can be a great way to add some extra style to an outfit. It can be the “third piece” in some cases, or even just make you feel like a grown-up who’s wearing real pants. 

An elevated basic belt like this double buckle style from Linea Pella is something that nearly everyone can use in their wardrobes since it would look equally fantstic with denim or worn over a dress.

Reversible Belts

Take your everyday belt and add some extra versatility by making it reversible. Black and brown or tan combos are pretty common but there are some other choices out there too, like black and gray, black and oxblood, or black and a metallic shade. 

If you find the perfect reversible belt that’s worth investing in, it might be worth it. Just think of how many ways you could style something like this black and tan reversible harness buckle belt by Coach

Designer Belts

If logos and labels are your thing, you might already have the uber-popular Gucci interlocking G Belt or something similar by Dior or Ferragamo.

However, if you love this look, you may want to splurge on perhaps the ultimate designer belt. Find something in that little orange box from Hermes, like a Kelly belt or the thicker Constance belt. Both are available in several color and metal finishes with that iconic H buckle. The belt straps are reversible too.

Embellished Belts

Embellished belts or belts with studs, jewels, oversize Western-style buckles, or other touches never really go out of style in some areas, but this year they’ve taken up a new prominence on the runways. 

Something like this coin-studded belt from Anthropologie looks new and fresh again. Wear it with a simple tee and denim or a more layered maximalist look. 

Chain Belts

Blame the new Gucci movies or the general 00s resurgence, but the chain belt or metal belt is back and better than ever. 

Go for a classic chain or a modern update, but be sure to leave some extra length hanging down when you wear it. That’s how we’d rock this silver chain belt from Free People that’s basically jewelry.

Knotted Or Tasseled Belts

While these can veer towards the overly bohemian, a knotted belt in a luxe leather or vegan leather can be a sophisticated touch over a simple monochromatic ensemble. 

We’re fans of this braided wrap belt from Anthropologie. The brown colorways are classic, of course, but the bronze would add a standout touch to a little black dress. 

Belt Bags

This trend hasn’t gone anywhere and remains practical-ish. It is ideal for running errands or otherwise doing things where being hands-free is a good idea.

This look almost always leans casual and best with athleisure, so why not embrace with this super sleek nylon running belt from Zella at Nordstrom

Bag Straps

If you’re just not a belt person, you can use your handbag to change things up by swapping out the strap for one in a contrasting color or print.

For example, you can give an older bag an entirely different look by swapping the strap for something new in a contrasting color or with a bold embellishment like this pony hair leopard print bag strap from Madewell

If you’re not sure how to mix in a new belt or rejuvenate your wardrobe with a belt you already have, take a couple of hours and try things on. Belt things you don’t normally belt, swap out self-belts for contrasting ones, try different widths of belts, and place them at different points on your waist and hips. Play around with it! 

Shop Belt Trends for Winter 2021

Linea Pelle Double Buckle Belt, now $24.97

Coach Harness Buckle Reversible Belt, 25 Mm, $125

HERMES Swift Epsom 24mm Mini Constance H Belt 75 Black Etoupe, $760

Anthropologie Coin-Studded Belt, $90

Free People On Command Chain Belt, $40

Anthropologie Braided Wrap Belt, $68

 Zelle Slim Running Belt Bag, $25

 Madewell The Crossbody Bag Strap: Leopard Calf Hair Edition, $58

Are you into belts or do you usually skip them? What are your favorite types and styles of belts? Are you a bold buckle person or do you prefer a belt that stays in the background? Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook Group! 

– Jacqueline Zenn

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