The Changing Of The Silhouette: Pants Trends for Winter 2021

By now you have definitely heard about the end of the skinny jean and of course, it is pretty standard for the trendy silhouettes to shift over time. But getting your eye used to new silhouettes can be challenging – and sometimes we simply don’t enjoy the way that a given trend looks on our bodies. However, being on-trend can be one way that we keep our appearance current, and perhaps nothing is easier than switching things up to a fresh silhouette with the new pants trends for winter 2021.

The good news is that there really is something for everyone in stores at the moment, at least in regard to your preferred cut and fit of pants. Here are some of our favorite shapes plus the shoes you should consider pairing with them… 

Pants Trends For Winter 2021

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Pants With Major Volume

After what feels like years of skinny pants and leggings, pants with serious volume are finally getting another day in the sun. Everything from menswear inspired or boyfriend pants to joggers that look like real denim is on the menu, so why not give your legs a break from the super tight fits? Go for floor-length or show off your footwear with a slightly cropped pair like these pull-on Roadtripper jeans from Madewell

Shoes For Voluminous Pants

Super delicate or thin soled shoes can get lost with wide leg pants, plus a shoe or boot with a thick sole and some weight to it can ground your ensemble. These pants are perfect with all the lug-soled boots, flatforms, and platforms we are seeing now –– perhaps go for two trends and pair them with a winter white boot like these Steve Maddens

Pants With Straight Legs

Straight-legged jeans and trousers have been around for a while and they are a great way to update your bottoms without making a major shift in your silhouette. After all, almost any top or shoe that works with skinnies will work with straight legs. We love a good corduroy for fall and winter and these AE stretch cords would be perfect with a cozy sweater. 

Shoes For Straight Legs

Almost anything works with straight-legged pants, from sneakers to boots or booties to flats. That said, straight legs can be challenging if you need to tuck your pants in, but Doc Martins or similarly lace-up styles like these rugged-chic ankle boots from The North Face will work. 

Pants With Flares

It seems that we fall into two camps regarding the return of flares. Either you are happy to see this retro look return yet again, or you’d never consider putting on anything that even remotely resembles a flare, flutter-hem, or bell-bottom on your body. If you are in the former group, then you might want to try some black denim like these high-rise soft sculpt jeans from Banana Republic. Just add some heels for legs that look a mile long. 

Shoes For Flared Pants

Since full-length flares tend to cover most of the shoe, flared pants can let you get away with nearly any shoe option. Platforms or chunky heels tend to work well if you want that long, lean line with some comfort, and why not continue the retro-ish slant with a pair of thick-soled chelsea boots like these from Madden Girl

Pants With Boot-Cuts

If you are not ready to fully embrace the flare, why not take a trip down fashion’s memory lane to the 00s with a pair of boot-cuts? They can be super flattering and make nearly anyone look like they are all legs when paired with heels, especially in black or darker denim like these Joe’s Honey boot-cuts.

Shoes For Boot-Cut Pants

Boot-cuts are an obvious choice. Since like flares, they tend to cover most of the shoe, you can really wear almost anything as long as your pants aren’t dragging on the ground. We’ve also always loved a pointed toe with a boot cut, and these Madewell slingback mules bridge the gap between practicality and comfort. 

Pants With Shine

Leather, faux leather or vegan leather pants – or anything with a gleam and some rocker sex appeal to it – might be the hottest trend for the holidays. These Commando jogger pants aren’t your standard leather-look leggings; rather, they come in five-pocket or jogger styles that offer considerably more breathing room. 

Shoes For Shiny Pants

With pants like these, you want shoes with a little attitude to match. While heels might be an obvious choice, heels plus faux leather can be a bit much and besides, didn’t we all give up comfortable shoes in 2020? That’s why we like a bold sneaker like these Pumas with leather-look pants or joggers. The thicker platform gives you some height and edge and the athletic aspect tones things down.  

If you’re simply over wearing skinny jeans every day like us, you’re probably loving all the updated jeans and pants styles in stores right now. On the other hand, if you still rock your skinny jeans, we can’t deny the ease of tucking them into boots (a must in snowy, icy, or slushy climates) or how great a high-waisted pair can make your figure look. 

So maybe the new denim rule is that there are no rules anymore? Wear whatever pants (and whatever else) you want! 

Shop The New Pants Trends and Shoes

Madewell Roadtripper Supersoft Pull-On Jeans in Keefe Wash, $98

Steve Madden Beso Boot, $139.95

AE Stretch Corduroy Mom Straight Pant, $49.95

The North Face Women’s Ballard III Lace WP, $139

Banana Republic High-Rise Flare Soft Sculpt Jean, $119

Madden Girl Tornado Bootie, $69.99

Joe’s Honey Curvy Bootcut Jeans, $1548

Madewell Robbie Slingback Mule, $84.97

Commando Faux Leather Jogger Pants, $148

Puma Mayze Women’s Sneakers, $90

What styles of jeans or pants are you wearing this fall and winter? Have you retired your skinnies or are you embracing the return of the flared and boot-cut styles and the corresponding platform boot renaissance? How do you feel about pull-on wide legs or joggers that look like real pants but feel like sweats? 

Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook group. 

– Jacqueline Zenn

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