9 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends To Avoid When You’re Over 40

This post first published on October 7, 2019. We thought you might like to review these fashion trends to avoid now that spring has finally arrived! There’s no need to skip these fabulous designers altogether, because they offer many other looks that are perfect for women over 40. Now that spring fashion is available in the stores, we included shopping links and new information.

We compiled and shared the best Spring 2020 fashion trends for women over 40. But we also wanted to send out this fashion alert (and warning) with a list of the worst Spring 2020 fashion trends you will want to avoid! Some of these trends are quite obvious, and with some you may even get a good laugh when you learn they even exist! Yet, the confusing part is when even the best designers show trends that are fabulous for women in their 20 or 30s, but just not appropriate for women over 40. In fact many of the crazier trends should be avoided by all women of all ages.

We understand that some runway pieces are just for the show, and there are always exceptions because some women over 40 can look fabulous wearing almost any trend. However in general, you will probably agree with us. Here are the Spring 2020 fashion trends to avoid when you’re over 40.


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9 Spring 2020 Fashion Trends To Avoid

Spring 2020 trends to avoid midiff Spring 2020 trends to avoid bralette Spring 2020 fashion trends to avoid exposed abs

1. Exposed Abs

We understand these are the spring/summer collections but designers showed seriously exposed abs on looks on the runway. This would be fine if the shows were for swimwear, but these looks are streetwear. And really, does anyone want to see a middle aged woman’s stomach exposed, even if she has the tightest abs?

As shown at Jason Wu, Tom Ford and Zimmerman

worst Spring 2020 fashion trends prairie worst Spring 2020 fashion trends prairie worst Spring 2020 fashion trends marc jacobs 

2. Prairie Looks

Many of these “Little House” looks are just too juvenile or costumey for women over 40. Maybe it is because we remember wearing them before, either when we actually were young, or as a costume!

As shown at Khaite, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs

Spring 2020 fashion trends clown

3. Clowning Around

One of the trends of spring 2020 is layers of ruffles and and bright colors. In moderation these looks are fine when your are over 40, but when they get overblown and exaggerated, you will look like a clown! It is not surprising to see over the (big) top looks from Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs, but even Valentino sent in a few clown collars.

As shown at Jeremy Scott, Marc Jacobs and Valentino

Spring 2020 fashion trends to avoid sheer

4. Sheerly Weird

We have seen sheer looks on the runway for years now, but there were so many sheer looks for spring 2020, we just had to mention it. Of course women won’t wear nude sheer looks, but even when designers showed us what to wear under sheer fabrics, many of the looks were just weird! When trends do not flatter beautiful model bodies, how is the average woman going to look in it? Avoid sheer fashion.

As shown at Vera Wang, Sandy Liang and Akris

Spring fashion trends to short shorts

5. Short Shorts

Who wears short shorts? Well if you remember that commercial you are too old for short shorts! Hardly anyone can wear this trend except for the models on the spring 2020 runways. They can wear them because they are young and have legs for days but we don’t know many woman who could. Even if you have the most fabulous legs and are over 40, in short, we suggest you avoid this trend.

As shown at Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford and Valentino

Spring fashion trends to avoid garters  

6. Garters 

Underwear as outerwear has always a been tricky trend but a new one to avoid is garters. Most of these garters don’t ever really serve a purpose. At least at Dion Lee the garters held up thigh high boots. However at other spring 2020 collections like Sandy Liang and Vera Wang the garters appeared to be simply decorative. And is that even pretty? We think not, and certainly not for women over 40.

As shown at Dion Lee, Sandy Liang and Vera Wang

7.  Peter Pan Collar

Do you ever have a really bad flashback when you see a specific runway trend? The Peter Pan collar trend does just that. This trend is both a bad memory of 80s fashion and goes even further back to childhood school uniforms. Either way, it is not a very sophisticated look for women over 40 and no one wants to look like Peter Pan anyway.

As shown at Celine, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch

8. Slit Up To There

Perhaps a cooler approach to the midi skirt or dress for the Spring 2020 was to include a slit all the way up the side of the leg. This is too much leg exposure for our taste (even though it is only one leg!). Chances are designers will make this “slit up to there” not as high and a little bit down to there once it actually hits stores. However this trend is another one to avoid if your over 40.

As shown at Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Cynthia Rowley

9. Corseted

The corseted trend is really comfortable looking…not! When it comes to easy breezy fashion, this trend is nowhere near it. This trend is not flattering, either. Simply skip it!

As shown at Brock Collection, Jeremy Scott and Gypsy Sport

Did you see any other spring 2020 trends you thought were ridiculous?

Carol Calacci

Photos: Vogue.com

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