7 Fall 2020 Fashion Trends You Really Should Avoid

This post first published February 28, 2019 right after the Fall Fashion Week presentations. Now that fall 2020 is here, we probably won’t be experimenting with fall trends as we have in past seasons. But just in case you have a creative fashion moment (for your Zoom meeting or a social distance gathering) here are 7 trends to avoid for fall 2020.

As I was putting together the best Fall 2020 fashion trends for women over 40, several of the worst trends jumped right out at me! Some of these looks are so bad not only should women over 40 avoid them, but all women should avoid them. Women in their 20s may be able to get away with a few of these trends, but let’s just say they are a bit more difficult for women over 40 to wear. That’s OK, because we would not want to wear them anyway!

Yes, I understand some of these looks are over-the top on purpose, or they are shown to make a theatrical statement on the runway. Still many of these trends are put out there and meant to be worn. So I’m warning you to avoid them! Or at least have a good laugh.


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The amazing thing is that I found some of these looks to avoid from the same collections I found my top Fall 2020 picks! The designers know they need to offer something for everyone and for that I am thankful! So here are the Fall 2020 fashion trends to avoid.

Worst Fall 2020 Fashion Trends to Avoid

Worst Fall 2020 Fashion Trends schoolgirl MSGM  Worst Fall 2020 Fashion Trends christina dior plaid mini Worst Fall 2020 Fashion Trends gucci black leather

School Girl Looks

There were some ridiculous school girl looks on the runways for fall 2020. This ruffly magenta dress at MSGM is actually more like pre-school (and a costume) complete with white anklets. The plaid mini-skirts at Christian Dior were too Wendy O. Williams for my taste … and we’ve seen it before! And I don’t know who would wear the Gucci leather and ruffle mini dress with torn fishnets and a pith helmet. It looks like this school girl is in trouble.

Fringe Only

Yes fringe is a huge trend for Fall 2020, and when is worn right, is perfect for women over 40. But when fringe is worn as a skirt without a lining, no one should wear it! At Prada I actually chose the same black fringe dress as a must-have look, only my favorite one was worn over a charcoal grey skirt. The very next look that came down the runway at Prada was this unlined fringe black dress, exposing way too much leg. Similar “Fringe Only” looks were shown in aqua at Area and in sage green with black shorts at Christian Dior. Seriously?

Clowning Around

I’m calling this trend to avoid for fall 2020 “Clowning Around” because they must be joking! This bold patchwork print at Marni is way too over-the-(big)-top. Sorry, Marni I usually like you. And both of these patchwork collage looks from Fashion East and Ashley Williams (with the green fur slippers) are ready for a nice career at Barnum & Bailey.

Shorts With Boots And A Long Jacket

OK, I admit this can work for 20 year olds but when I first saw this shorts trend I thought no, no, no. I say skip it if you are over 40. It’s fall and it’s cold out and the long jacket and tall boots will not keep your legs warm! Uggh! This trend was shown at Khaite with a long leather coat and gold cowboy boots and at Jacquemus with over-the-knee white boots. At Off White the shorts were more like briefs and worn with cowhide boots (to keep her warm).

Side Cut-Outs

So it’s a relief we no longer have to see a lot of bare midriffs or deep V’s, but are these side cut-outs really flattering? Not for most women, and especially when you’re over 40. They can cause a big underwear problem, too. These side cut out dresses are from Prabal Gurung, Khaite and Preen by Thorton Bregazzi, disrespectfully, er I mean respectfully!

Tiny Tops

Strappy and lingerie-inspired tiny tops were shown on many of the Fall 2020 runways, and no one our age will wear these. Come on. From the sheer lace black top on a green pleated dress at Christopher Kane, to a strappy plaid number at Burberry, to a tiny top with ‘Sandy from Grease’ shiny pants at Saint Laurent, they all need to be avoided.

Big Hips

Now I understand that these looks are sculptural, artfully made, experimental and statement-making. But what I don’t understand is the concept of a women wanting to make her hips look bigger. Not just Kim Kardashian bigger, but I mean you can’t sit down or even stand next to anyone bigger. Please avoid the big hips trend. They will not be appreciated on public transportation. The blue Marie Antoinette dress is Moschino, the model (who needs to rest her arms someplace) with the hat is at Christian Siriano and the silver heart shape hooded space suit look is Area.

Did you see any other Fall 2020 trends to avoid that I may have missed?

Carol Calacci

Photos: Vogue.com

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