Easy Fall Brunch Outfit Ideas For Women Over 40

One of my favorite things to do is to choose a day on the weekend and “do brunch”. It’s a great time to reconnect with my girlfriends (or guy friends), catch up, and have some great food and either a couple of brunch cocktails or indulgent coffee drinks. I must admit, it’s been tough this summer with the shut downs, but the few times my closest friends and I have been able to pull it off, it’s been well worth the wait. Somehow the official brunch attire has become something along the lines of yoga pants or workout clothes and sneakers, especially now that we as a society have leaned into casual dress attire with the shift of staying in. However, I’d like to be hopeful for our fashion future and chose brunch outfits that are pulled together but still casual and super comfortable. I’ve found an assortment of fall brunch outfit ideas with styles and options that would suit women over 40. You can feel confident while you do brunch.

Fall Brunch Outfit Ideas

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Where I live, it’s that perfect transitional weather where you can comfortably wear your fall clothes but don’t yet have to wear a coat to keep you warm (it lasts all of two weeks, but beggars can’t be choosers). Layering is key to keep your temperature regulated, especially if you are still opting to dine outdoors while you can. I think a great piece to have and throw on for brunch is a nice, soft flannel shirt. This Cabin Stretch Flannel from L.L.Bean is a great find. It’s got a relaxed fit and comes in a ton of color options. Also, you can wear it open with a graphic tee or thermal shirt underneath or keep it straight forward and wear it buttoned up. 


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You can also wear an oversized sweater. Which, if heavy enough, can serve as both your top as well as your outerwear piece. Get a thick one like this Free People On Your Side Sweater. You’ll be able to wear it until the spring thaw and this one comes in fun colors if you want to get away from neutrals or black. I found this Cozy Faux Fur Hoodie from Express, while out shopping recently and snagged it without a second though. I love that it’s casual, warm and comfy but nothing at all like my other beat up old hoodies that I wouldn’t dare wear in public. 

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Like I mentioned earlier, this is the best time of year to forego a bulky coat and stick with another layering piece. I just got this Ribbed Long Cardigan also from Express. It is absolutely perfect for lounging around the house or throwing on for a brunch outing. I’ve had this cardigan for about two weeks and have already worn it five or six times. It comes in three neutral color options and you can’t go wrong with any of them. Throw it on over jeans, leggings or a basic silhouette dress. 

I also love ponchos and capes. The problem with them is, the window is so short to wear them before you have to pull out your cold weather coat. It’s also hard to toss a handbag over your shoulder. Regardless, I still think it’s ideal to have one for that perfect time of year and the perfect outing that’s quintessentially fall. I found this Cejon Riding Cape at Macy’s that is both affordable and chic. Again, this is another piece you can wear over virtually anything to bring a look together. 

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Pants and Base Layers

We talked about the latest fall pants trends in a previous post, but just as a refresher relaxed fit, wide leg and tapered leg pants came out on top. I couldn’t imagine wearing a pair of uncomfortable or tight pants as I sit down to partake in a delicious brunch meal, so finding something both comfortable and stylish is imperative. The baggy jeans look is becoming the norm, and though I’m still not sure if it’s the right look for me, I must say I’ve seen some women take hold of this trend and knock it out of the park. If you want to try it, I’d start with this incredibly affordable version from Old Navy; like their Extra High-Waisted Sky-Hi Straight Distressed Jeans. I love Old Navy jeans because you get a decent quality for a great price, so if something doesn’t work out, you didn’t spend a small fortune on a piece you’ll never wear again.

If you are more of a dress woman, give something like this Everyday Jersey Knit Shirt Dress a try. It makes a simple and chic base layer to wear out and it’s easy to add pieces to it to build a great outfit for a fall outing. Layer it with a sweater like the one mentioned above, a denim jacket or a stylish oversized blazer, add some tights or leggings underneath and you’re good to go brunch.

What is brunch without leggings? I know I spoke about how it’s preferable to stray away from that staple, but there are ways to still wear them in an elevated way. These Pointe Pocket Leggings that are nicer than just your regular yoga pants. I love the lush green color. Pair them with your cape, poncho, long ribbed knit sweater or fuzzy sweatshirt and you’re on your way. 

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Shoes and Accessories

Sneakers have been huge in my footwear rotation lately; why wear heels during quarantine? I haven’t pulled out that many pairs of boots yet, but a quality leather fall bootie is the perfect staple shoe for this time of year. They can be worn pretty much everywhere with everything. These Eastland Double Up Boots are a good investment. If you are into getting multiples, you can buy a pair in black and one in brown and be set for the season.

If you want to stick with sneakers but want to change it up a little bit from your standard athletic shoe, I found these Timberland Eden Leather Sneakers. Honestly, when I was searching brunch wardrobe finds for this post and found these. I loved them so much I bought them on the spot. They give you the look and feel of the classic Timberland boot, but without the bulky, utilitarian feel. They can pair with a lot of wardrobe options. I anticipate wearing mine consistently through the fall season. 

Finally, your fall look wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t accessorize. Top your look off with a stylish hat like this Plaid Wool Blend Baseball Cap or this neutral colored Rancher Hat from Madewell. You can also go the scarf route, which will never fail you, and do a fall checkered scarf like this Barbour Brecon Reversible Scarf

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– Carmen Turner

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