So Long Sizes and Hello You With RedThread

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Are you a classic size? Who is? I know I’m not. Sometimes a size 6 is perfect and sometimes a 10 in another brand will be a better fit. It’s maddening and I usually end up at the tailor trying to get that perfect fit. Well what if I told you there is a solution and it’s easy as one, two (two pictures)? RedThread believes there is nothing standard about women’s bodies so why are we subjected to standard sizing? Your pants should fit you perfectly!

RedThread Perfect Fit Black Pant

Founded in 2018, RedThread is the very first women’s apparel brand to ditch standard sizes (finally!) and create beautiful, tailor-made clothing in one week – from just two photos. Every woman needs a perfect fitting black pant that’s comfortable enough for the sofa but chic enough to wear out. RedThread offers this exact “can’t live without” pant in 3 silhouettes. My perfect pant is the ankle length pant, but yours could be a straight leg. Your well-made, well-fitting, feel-great wardrobe essentials are then made for you (and only you) and shipped to your doorstep! And before you read on, know we have a coupon code for your first order at RedThread. Use code Fountain20 at checkout to receive 20% off.


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Modern Technology Meets Bespoke Tailoring

With just two photos, RedThread generates your measurements and creates a piece made just for you, that fits you perfectly. They developed a patent-pending process that combines mobile scanning measurement technology with the traditional art of tailoring. So you can create your favorite pieces—made to your exact measurements—in three easy steps right from your phone. Then get them shipped to your door in a week.

Think about it. You don’t have to leave the house to get your perfect pants! In fact, you don’t have to try anything on, enter a dressing room or even visit a tailor for measurements. Conversely, you don’t have to order 10 pairs of pants to figure out which one fits you best, max out your credit card, then pack up the ones you need to send back and then deal with returns. There is literally no need for any of it. In these dog days of Covid you may be thinking, I just will forgo all of it because it’s all just a hassle…but you don’t need to be bothered at all. And now more than ever you deserve a great fitting, uber comfortable pair of pants.

It Just Takes 3 Easy Steps

Create your perfect fit in three easy steps from your phone.

  1. Choose Your Style. Pick the style your prefer and the color. They will use your measurements to make sure your piece hits in just the right spot.
  2. Take The Fit Quiz. Tell them what you love (and hate) about how clothes typically fit you. It’s fun and takes less than a minute.
  3. Snap Two Photos. Simply click on your data-encrypted text link and snap two pics. Your photos auto-generate your measurements, and are then deleted. You can also send them your measurements, if you’d prefer, but your order might take a little longer.

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Made for You in One Week

RedThread’s expert team in San Francisco will create your one-of-a kind garment in just one week and then ship it to your door. And there is no risk since every piece is backed by their Lifetime Fit Guarantee. If you don’t love it, they will alter it or refund you. Also, I think it’s important to mention that all of RedThread’s clothing is made in the USA. And the company can boast they are sustainable because everything is made to order and there is no waste.

RedThread Collection Styles

There are 4 pants options: The Essential Ankle Pant (what I’m wearing), The Essential Wide Leg Pant, The Essential Straight Leg Pant and The Resort Pant (summer weight pant). All the pants are considered the one essential pant because every women needs that great fitting pant right now (which makes it essential). It’s comfortable like a yoga pant but fashionable enough to style and wear out.

One dress: The Essential Black Dress

One jacket: The Snap Jacket

One top: The Tee 

RedThread Believes You Need to Be You

They believe women have been compromising long enough.

They believe the fashion industry’s antiquated standards are a joke.

They believe nobody should be defined by a label or a number.

They believe every body deserves clothes that fit.

And they celebrate that there’s no one else like you.

I couldn’t agree with any of this more! We re all to be celebrated

Forever Fit Guarantee

There is literally no risk when you order from RedThread because they offer their Forever Fit guarantee. If your body changes, they will change with you, and offer free alterations or remakes if your pieces no longer fit. They truly believe in meeting women where they are, not where the clothing industry thinks they should be. So if you should gain or lose 10 pounds, or 40 pounds your pants will always fit you. Who else offers that? Think about it. I have been very open and honest about my gaining 10 pounds during quarantine. Well guess what? My RedThread pants didn’t fit the same way they did when I ordered them prior to lockdown. Now I am working hard to get the weight off, but if I don’t I will absolutely send my RedThread pants back to be altered.

RedThread Perfect Fit Black Pant outfit fountainof30

For more info and to order your own RedThreads (and use our discount code FOUNTAIN20 for 20% off your order)  visit RedThread.

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