Summer Satin & How To Wear It When You’re Over 40

Don’t be scared. Satin is a big trend this summer and yes, it can be pretty unflattering if worn improperly. The shine can highlight the wrong areas or if in the wrong cuts it can show bumps and bulges – who wants that? It doesn’t mean you can’t wear summer satin, it just means you need to pick wisely. If your tummy isn’t as taught as it was when you were in your 20’s then stay away from fitted pencil skirts and stick with a pleated style. Or try a patterned skirt or dress that is cut on the bias and has some movement. Realize that the satin will shine so you want to only wear it on the areas of your body you want to show off. If you are not comfortable wearing satin on your bottom half, try a satin top. Or feel free to skip this trend entirely. That’s the beauty of being an adult. Oh and should you decide to wear satin pants, wear a thong…because panty lines are not acceptable when wearing satin. Actually panty lines are never acceptable. Period. Here are some items you may want to consider;
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