Chanel-inspired trends

How To Wear Timeless And Classic Chanel-Inspired Trends

By now we’ve all heard of the passing of Chanel’s Creative Director, Karl Lagerfeld. This month, I want to celebrate his talent as well as the iconic fashion house, by discussing classic Chanel-inspired trends and pieces. We know the timeless, Chanel classics that have translated into modern day from the beginning of the fashion house’s inception; …

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Oversize It! How To Wear The Oversized Trend

If you follow pretty much any celebrity fashion or news site, you’ve probably noticed that there’s no shortage of beautiful women with great figures wearing oversized or downright baggy tops, dresses, and pants. But what looks adorable on a skinny teenager can look unflattering or even sloppy on those of us who are older than say, nineteen.

Wearable Trends: The Classic Camel Coat

This month I want to get serious…. but keep it fun, because fashion is supposed to fun, right? This month I want to focus on a trend I wouldn’t necessarily call “trendy” but it’s a classic and it’s ALWAYS in style. You can wear it for a day look or an evening look, you can invest in an absolutely beautiful designer one or go mid-tier and still get a great bang for your buck. And either way, you’ll wear it until the end of the time. Let’s talk camel coats, shall we?

Trend To Wear Now: The Grown-Up Sweatshirt

What? You don’t want to wear a sweatshirt that says “Made in Bed” out in public? Although I do love my “Coffee, Wifi and My Bed” sweatshirt it has a time and a place. Sundays in my bed. Would I wear it out with a skirt? Um, no. However, you might be surprised to learn there are many adult-friendly sweatshirts that are disguised as comfortable works of art, that don’t have logos or stupid sayings on them.

Male Box: The Long and Short of the LBD (Long Edition)

At this time of year, many women fret over what exactly to wear to big public charity galas and private holiday events. Many turn to their tried-and-true trusty Little Black Dress, but, as reliable as the LBD is, some women long for a new best friend. I thought I’d take a moment to give a primer on the LBD using the latest offerings from Saks Fifth Avenue to illustrate my point.