Retail Detail. Zara Plans E-Commerce Launch


Its been awhile since any of us wished we could browse the latest collections of Zara and H&M online—and actually buy something! The two mega retailers (as beloved as they've been since making the leap to the U.S.) have always lacked the convenience of e-commerce, but now at least one these fast fashion chains is getting themselves the option the sell online. And its about time! is currently boasting a banner that announces the "Shop Online" option which apparently starts September 2. There aren't many details on the e-commerce launch thus far, but the following countries are listed: France, Germany, Italy, UK, Portugal and Spain.

So does that mean no more montages that tease us with perfectly styled outfits we can't buy online? We hope so! Suspiciously though, The US does seem to be missing from the lineup of participating countries. What's up with that? We're just hoping Zara is different than other Europe-based stores (Topshop, ASOS) who took more than the necessary amount of time to offer Americans their online services. Don't forget about us, Zara!

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-Alia Rajput

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