Project Runway Season 8 Episode 1: The Home Stretch: @$%!& Happens! Memorable Quotes From The Premier Episode


Sorry this is so late, but this season snuck up on us and we were completely unprepared! In fact, we forgot to watch it. Thank God my DVR is programed to record all first runs of Project Runway or I would have missed it completely. But, why oh why is it now an hour and a half? Do we really need Project Runway to be stretched even longer than it is now? Seriously, thre is probably only 20 minutes of watchable television in every show and the rest is just fluff. Well thankfully the dreadful Models of the Runway is gone. ANTM it ain't. So I guess an extra half hour of Michael Kors snarky quips is much better than a dreadful half hour of models being…models.



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Anywho, this season started with 17 instead of the usual 16 designers. It also started with Heidi with a dreadful hacked new haircut, but I digress. None of the designers could move into their digs at Atlas until they were actually on the show. See unkown to them, they were still adutioning. To determine who was staying was a challenge a la Top Chef. Right there on the steps of the Lincoln Center (and the new home of the upcoming New York Fashion Week) the 17 finalists (whose names I am not going to remember until they are widdled down to 10 at least) had to open their suitcases and take out one item to incorporate into an original design for a critical elimination challenge. Stupidly some took out items they actually loved. For instance, Casanova chose a brand new pair of $1,070 Dolce & Gabanna pants. The better question is, what is a unknown designer doing owning a $1,070 pair of pants, but again I digress.


The Project Runway twist is that each designer had to pass the item to the designer to their right. Doh. With only 5 hours to create (the quickest time in PR history) and then show for the first elimination things were bound to get interesting quickly.

Jason "I swear I'm straight" manged to make a black kimono look like a goth hairdressing gown, replete with exposed staples. Peach, the token old chick from Lake Forest, IL (which isn't Chicago folks) actually managed to incorporate an unraveling, hot pink, hot mess of a knit beautifully into a dress I would be proud to wear to a summer shower. Casanova made an outfit that would make a stripper blush. Ivy of the Ivy show, turned and ugly pair of pants into an uglier pair of pants…and you get the idea.


Fast forward. The guest judge was Selma Blair. Orange Michael Kors was thankfully there. As was a pregnant Nina Garcia (congrats!) and Heidi with her hacked hair.

Gretchen won and McKell was sent home for a sad frock paired with even sadder accessories. But what did you expect? They are working with Piperlime (product placement) this season. There will be no Louboutins on the runway this go-around.

Gretchen's Design – The Winner

Casanova's Design

Jason's Design

Ivy's Design

Peach's Design

McKell's Design – "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"I know this sounds totally gay, but I think Project Runway is the Ivy Show." – Ivy (famous last words baby)

"So I think what's next for you? And I think, I belong in New York. I think either New York eats me, or I eat New York. Or New York takes me, or I take New York from the balls." – Casanova

"Am I going to be the oldest? Hell to the yes! God yes. In fact, I'm expecting a 9 year-old to come walking in and be my roommate." – Peach

"You can have a crooked zipper. Embrace the crooked zipper." – Krisitin

"I think if you are misunderstood, you have something good going on." – Mondo

"I'm going to make it work, because that's what we're supposed to do." – Gretchen

"There is a lot of skin that will be showing. Yes? Is it sexy or is it vulgar? (My vote is vulgar)." – Casanova

"She's really, um, busty for a model, but it's a bit distracting. I'm not going to lie. She had no bra and she's mine. I don't want to cross the boundaries like a doctor. I mean come on!" – Jason

"The styling is a disaster!" – Nina Garcia about Ivy's design

"Wow, she made pants out of pants! How interesting! Not." – Heidi Klum about Ivy's design

"It's such an unfortunate pant. All-in-all it looks kinda small town hick outfit night at he bar." – Selma Blair about Ivy's design

"The styling I agree with Nina is a train wreck. To me it looks like some kind of disco apron." – Michael Kors about McKall's design

"Yeah, hello world I mean side cleavage is a rare thrilling moment for any woman." – Michael Kors about McKall's design

"I think it is butt ugly. It is so NOT flattering." – Heidi Klum about McKall's design

"It's odd. It's this strange mix of things. It's like a mother of the bride with a belly dancer. I mean she's a sexaholic yet she's conservative. I don't know who she is. She's a pole dancer in Dubai." – Michael Kors about Casanova's design

"It's just fascinatingly bad." – Nina Garcia about Casanova's design

"I loved how daring it was in the back and I also loathed it. at least it got a reaction." – Selma Blair about Casanova's design

"I think we can just cancel the Ivy Show. Cause seriously? Ivy is just beaten down, spit on and rolled over like a sad dog." – Ivy

"(I picture his things at a store) Razzle Dazzels (in the mall) where they sell like wigs and dresses." – Selma Blair about Casanova

"There is something intriguing. What could the car crash be? I mean it's an odd one." – Michael Kors about Casanova

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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