Project Runway Season 7 Episode 9: Design a Look Inspired By New York's Neighborhoods. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Let the drama begin; and not a moment too soon! Just when I thought I was through with Project Runway, they air an exciting, dare I say, tension-infused episode. Of course the only challenge that can inject a lagging show such as Project Runway with a jolt of instant excitement is with a partner challenge and that is exactly what was assigned. The eight remaining designers were paired up to create two looks (one day, one evening) that were inspired by one of four New York neighborhoods. Anthony and Maya made a trip to colorful Chinatown; Amy and Jonathan stepped out to the Upper East Side; Emilio and Seth Aaron headed to Harlem; and Jay and Mila visited the East Village.



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From previous, uneventful, episodes, it would seem that all the designers get along swimmingly; however, that is not the case! No one seems to like Mila, least of all Jay, who was stuck having to work with her thanks to Emilio’s scheme of pairing the two up. Lord, that just sounded like a juicy recap from a soap opera! While I was hoping for some fireworks between the two, Jay and Mila were able to work together as professionals, even though Mila was always looking out for number one and would have had no problem throwing Jay under the bus if need be.  While I can’t fault her, after all this is a competition, there is something about Mila that I find unlikeable and it has nothing to do with her color-blocking design techniques…at least I don’t think it does.


Tim made it clear from the beginning that the leader of the team with the lowest points would more than likely be the one sent home, so all the designers, especially the leaders, were putting forth their best design efforts. The teams that succeeded in this endeavor were Emilio and Seth Aaron and Anthony and Maya. Maya, who is the only designer left who hadn’t yet won a challenge, was particularly eager to make this her winning design. Even though she wasn’t the leader of this challenge, she certainly took over much of the design process. But while the garments, especially the pagoda inspired jacket, were favorites among the judges, (including guest judges Molly Sims and Francisco Costa, in for Michael Kors) it was Emilio’s and Seth Aaron’s designs that won this weeks challenge and made history as both were announced winners of the same challenge. Congrats to both designers, although, I have to say they gave the win to Emilio only because he was the leader of the challenge, but Seth Aaron ultimately made the winning look. His denim day look was certainly “wow,” from the perfectly fitted jacket to the splash of color and over-all styling; Seth Aaron’s look was the most memorable. And while Emilio’s dress was very nice and complimented the day look, even Nina mentioned that while the dress was well made, she knows that he can do much better.

That leaves Jonathan and Amy and Jay and Mila in the bottom this week. Jay and Mila, obviously, weren’t a match made in heaven and their garments reflected as much. While Mila’s garment was interesting and certainly spoke East Village, Jay’s questionable pant and unsightly top (which left his model’s breasts hang every which way) left the judges extremely disappointed. But it was bffs, Jonathan and Amy who were not able to represent the class and polish of the Upper East Side in there garments. Each designer bit of more than they could chew, so to speak, and were scrambling to finish before sending their garments down the runway. Amy, who seems to get too wrapped up in her concepts and unable to see what is working and what isn’t during the design process was sent packing. Good-bye Amy, you’ll be missed!

Emilo, "You are a winner!"

Seth Aaron, "You are a winner!"

Anthony's Design

Maya's Design

Mila's Design

Jonathan's Design

Jay's Design

Amy, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:

"Please, lord, don’t let me be stuck with Mila." Emilio
"My god, I’m stuck with Mila." Jay

"I can't breathe." Jay when he was teamed up with Mila

"Great… The guy I never talk to and the guy I don't really like. Now we have to work together." Mila about Jay
"Harlem is about churches, liquor stores and fried chicken spots."

"Eeee (little scream) Houston we have a problem…" Amy viewing the Upper East Side
"I just want to put on a really good show and not concentrate on the fact that she doesn't like me and I don’t like her." Jay about Mila
"Let's just make this idea as complicated as possible." Jonathan jokes
"Wow, it’s palpable that it’s a much smaller group in here." Tim
"I’m literally, at this point, using every technique I know on this one garment. He’s right, it could be a carnival."
Jonathan commenting on Tim’s remark that his garment is over designed

"Someone's going home…" Tim
"Don't look at me!" Jay

"Is it hot in here, or am I just not going to finish?" Jonathan
"What the hell is Amy and Jonathan building in their corner?
" Emilio
"So initially I got side tracked from the ducks in the window; they don’t have that in Georgia." Anthony
"This for me is an eye sore I think it is quite ugly." Heidi on Jonathan’s and Amy’s Day look design
"Her boobs are just kinda floating around in there." Heidi on Jay’s tank top
"The tank tanked." Molly Sims

"That's what makes her look like an umbrella!" Nina on Amy's design

"From the color to the dowdy cut, it was bad retro." Heidi on Amy's garment

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— Bonnie J Brown


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