Project Runway. Emily… Maybe We Aren't So Bummed You're Gone.


While I really didn’t think Emily Brandle‘s undercooked ruffle number should’ve gotten her sent home last Wednesday, and it certainly wasn’t good advertising for the up-and-coming designer. Which is why, ill-advisedly, she tried to reclaim her respect by flouting her line to  Entertainment Weekly.

First, though, she explained away not taking Tim Gunn‘s advice, by basically saying it wasn’t the right advice… which you, if you’re a PR fan, and I know cannot possibly be true. Tim’s taste is nearly infallible. So this comment of Emily’s is especially hard for us to believe: "[W]hat they don’t show is that it’s a 20- or 30-minute conversation that you have with Tim … So yes, I did change course after we talked, and I ended up kind of coming back to something that was simpler. I was adding more ruffles, and it just wasn’t going where I wanted it to go. It wasn’t jelling." Surely Tim’s advice could have only made that ruffly mess better! He should have given her some tips on styling, too. After watching the episode again, I fully doubt her judgment on the model’s hair. Ruffles and big hair say nothing but ’80s prom to me. Anyway…


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Then, Emily tried to rep her skills by offering these pieces from her line, Smoke and Mirrors, for consideration. To me, they look like every other hipster brand from Urban Outfitters on up. I, like the folks over at New York Magazine’s blog The Cut, am surprised she even got cast based on these! Unless of course they cast her to go home early…



Oh, Emily. You could have been that girl who got sent home for the mediocre ruffle dress, but who everybody thought should have stayed a little longer. Now you are that girl who has an entirely blah line, desecrated the word of Gunn, AND got sent home for the mediocre ruffle dress. Plus, no one thinks your departure was premature anymore! Ouch.

I’m just ready for the rest of these sorta-okay designers (Jennifer, Keith, Stella…) to adios, so we can get down to serious business on Project Runway! Bring on the Jays, Chloes, Jeffreys, and the Christians already!


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