Legally Yours. Louis Vuitton Is At It Again!


You better watch out, because Louis Vuitton will sue your @ss! The French firm, which has been involved with multiple copyright infringement law suits this year, has now moved on from suing large companies (eBay, etc) to suing individuals who rock their gear!

According to his blog, Dave Navarro, who is/has been the guitarist for Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Panic Channel, can no longer use his LV guitar strap! He wrote, "It appears that after eight years of touring and playing shows with my faux LV guitar straps (which were a gift), Louis Vuitton have decided that they have a problem with it and have made it clear that they will sue me if I continue to use them." Okay… so they are admittedly faux. But I mean, come on, visibility is visibility, and how else is LV gonna crack the heavy-metal set? They should just send him some real ones, and be honored that a hardcore dude like Navarro is into their brand!


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Further, he quotes the best part of the cease and desist letter he received from LV: "We have no doubt that this copying has been willful and is intended to trade upon the fame and cachet of the LV Trademarks to elevate the status of the infringing Guitar Strap, and of Jane’s Addiction." Hahaha… to which Dave responds, "Has anybody EVER purchased a concert ticket or an album based on what is hanging around the guitar player’s neck? Ever?" Nope, never.

Plus, since when has celebrities wearing your brand been a problem and a liability? We thought that was free advertising! Maybe LV is getting a little big for their britches. They certainly lost one celebrity client over this whole business. Navarro says he loves LV products and owns tons of legit LV merchandise, all the way down to his gym bag. But now, he’s asking….

"Tom Ford… Any interest in making guitar straps?" We’d love for Ford to step up!

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