Legally Yours. Holy Handbags, Louis Strikes Again!


Now that Louis Vuitton has surpassed being a household name, it’s protecting its initials with more vigor than ever. Not only has it sued, or threated to sue, everyone from eBay to Dave Navarro, the everywhere brand is collecting royalties for its former use! In a recent legal action, Sony BMG now owes $155,830 to LV for the use of its print in the music videos and CDs of Britney Spears, Ruben Studdard, and Da Brat. Britney drives an LV upholstered hummer in the "Do Somethin’" video, while the velvet teddybear’s new album bears "unauthorized
reproductions, copies and/or colorable imitations of the Louis
Vuitton intellectual property." The crazy thing is that this isn’t the first time LV has been awarded money due to da Britney and Brat infractions. Are they getting paid twice for the same screw-ups? What we want to know is, how much is Danity Kane gonna have to pay for their entirely Vuitton cadillac from the "Show Stopper’" video?

Hopefully, the initials-print will fade from such prominence in the public eye soon, and these lawsuits will end. We think that kind of obvious branding is obnoxious anyway. Maybe if rappers want to rap about Hermes, somebody’s lawyers could take a well-deserved break.



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