Precision Running With David Siik At Equinox

David Siik, Running Coach, Precision Running
Running coach David Siik was in Chicago and I had the opportunity to take Precision Running, a recent training class that hit Equinox Fitness clubs. Developed by David, Precision Running is a treadmill training workout based on a unique method of interval training. Known as the Balanced Interval Training Experience (B.I.T.E.), the method is utilized to train runners of all abilities to run right, hurt less, & burn more. I’m not a runner by any means, but I am a fitness enthusiast and I decided to try the class to see if it truly could be something for beginners. I incorporate running on the treadmill into my workouts when I can’t make it to a class, but I prefer to take classes. This format seemed like it would offer a combination and I thought, heck, if I can’t keep running I’ll just walk.
However, I made it through – at my own pace of course! David asked the class to trust him. He coached us through a series of intervals that he formulated mathematically, told us when to increase our speed, how much to incline and how to find our own speed. The class was not hard but it certainly was not easy! He made sure we had proper posture and did not hover too close to the front of the treadmill (I was once guilty – but no more!). Now I have more confidence to run on a treadmill.
David Siik, Precision Running, Treadmill class, Equinox
Here is the 60-Minute Class Breakdown:
Welcome/Screening/Set Up
Movement Prep Ritual/Mobility and Mindset (Approximately 3 minutes)
Ramp Up/Run Formula (Approximately 2 minutes)
Precision Run/Intervals (Approximately 30-40 minutes)
Precision Core Set (Approximately 3-5 minutes)
Runners Reset (Mobility and Mindset) (Approximately 2-3 minutes)
Closure—Post Training Advice
Precision Running Results:
THE BURN – Interval running has long been considered an athletes best tool for training for intensity and enduring strength. The BITE formula (Balanced Interval Training Experience) accomplishes more work over time and is convenient. High intensity interval training destroys calories, and now with a balanced approach (B.I.T.E.) you get that uncompromised burn, with less impact on the rest of your body.
THE BUILD – Build skill, speed and distance. The program design systematically build running competence and confidence throughout the class as well as endurance over the course of many classes.
THE BODY – The promise is a strong, long, lean runner’s body toned and fit from head to toe and the extreme confidence to boot.
Speaking of lean runner’s body toned and fit, just look at David! He has a degree in Biomedical Science and Chemistry, and he held multiple university records in Track & Field, including the 800 meters, and was eventually named to the USA Track and Field All-Academic Team. No wonder he is also a successful FORD model for nearly 12 years and one of the most recognized faces in the world of running advertising, appearing in ads for Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Powerbar and more! He is very sweet an down-to-earth and so excited about fitness it rubs off on you!
After the class I told him I wasn’t a runner but loved his class he said “Yes, you are a runner!” He was happy with my progress during the class. He went on to say, “You teach a baby to crawl, and teach it to walk, but no one has to teach a child to run!” Everybody can get back to running and with Precision Running, we can get the best benefits and do it right!
Visit Equinox for more information on Precision Running and for a club near you.
– Carol Calacci
Photos: Equinox

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