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Thankfully it has been a long time since I have had to worry about a corporate wardrobe. I said goodbye to corporate America nearly a decade ago and I don’t miss it one bit. However, every once in a while I need to pull together a ‘professional’ outfit for a meeting or an event with my attorney husband and my mostly casual and trendy closet just doesn’t work for those occasions. The last time a bought a suit was probably 12 years ago and I have to admit, I am no longer adept at putting office appropriate outfits together. Luckily there is new site that not only takes the guess work out of building a stylish work wardrobe … the clothes are custom-made, comfortable and affordable.
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Wait, you’re thinking, “custom-made and affordable?” You’ve got to be kidding me.” – I’m not. Founded by former financier Keri Ferry this past spring, Twenty Five Bedford is the destination for chic, work-appropriate staples. Ferry was inspired by her time working a previous job in London where she noticed how sophisticated the British working woman was and how they had an air of effortless style. She found herself motivated by the notion that women utilize only 20% of their closet 80% of the time, thus building the foundation of her first collection off of fit, function and fashion. Who of us doesn’t grab the same favorites over and over again? So she set out to fill the void for a wearable, stylish brand that catered to today’s working woman. With her passion for quality design combined with her frustration with the lack of innovation in the existing marketplace, she created a brand that strictly offers modern styles and silhouettes available in quality fabrics and endless color variations.

  • Fit starts with the fabric, which is intended for pencil skirts instead of pants
  • Function ensures everything is within the dress code
  • Fashion plays with color and design elements to keep the pieces fresh

Twenty Five Bedford Power Suit
The collection consists of dresses, blazers, skirts and blouses in classic shapes which are meant to flatter all types of women in all sizes. The color selection is vast and there are currently three types of fabric to choose from one of which offers a bit of stretch for better movement (it’s also a little more forgiving). Currently there are 4 skirt styles ($135 each), 2 blazer styles ($255 each), 3 dress styles ($235-$255) and 3 blouse styles ($165) – all of which can be mixed and matched (or mismatched if you chose). The possibilities are endless so getting dressed for work in the morning is foolproof!
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Since I own two pieces of Twenty Five Bedford I can attest how easy and effortless the pieces are, not to mention the quality. I have the Pleated Pocket Dress in Peacock stretch crepe and the Pleated Blazer in Ponte Knit in Royal Navy.
Lauren Dimet Waters, Mike Waters, Georgetown
Delivery can take up to three weeks for each piece, as all items are custom-made to order, but mine arrived within two weeks. Shipping and returns are free. The garments are produced in New York City and offered exclusively online at
– Lauren Dimet Waters
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