NY Fashion Week Fall '08. Na-Be By Victorya Hong: Off the Project and on the Runway





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Summary: True, she was recently ‘aufed’ on this season’s Project Runway, but clearly there is a lot of support for Victorya Hong evidenced by the huge crowd that came to witness her 29 look freshman collection. There were some present and past Project Runway alums peppered in the audience supporting the designer which was great to see. We met some women who used to work with her and guess what? Victorya is really nice. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised she was edited to look like an elitist snob. Back to the runway show…Victorya admits she was influenced by the 80’s which was apparent by the double-breasted, high-waist and pegged pleat pant looks she favored. She listened to The Cure and New Order in high school, worshiped Lisa Bonet on the Cosby Show and considers John Hugh’s teen angst movies to still be some some of her biggest influences to this day. Now I really like her and can relate! Thankfully the looks were a little more modern and relevant for the current decade. We look forward to seeing how she evolves.    

Color Palette: antique white, bone, charcoal heather grey, antique blue, chartreuse, plum, black

Textures & Details: wool gaberdine, cotton silk, silk charmeuse, textured cotton, silk twill, silk chiffon, cotton terry, double-faced wool, satin, 

Key Looks: Bone cotton silk pleat front tux shirt with an antique blue wool gaberdine draped wrap skirt and satin cumberbund; grey wool gaberdine short sleeve shirt dress; black double-faced wool double-breasted cape; plum silk charmeuse shawl collared wrap dress; black silk charmeuse stitched strappy wrap dress

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  1. Aw geez, that collection is HIDEOUS! For soe reason, the models all seem to resemble female Michael Jacksons (and not in a good way). I could not wear any of those clothes except maybe the cape. And it all looks like we have seen it a thousand times before.


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