Midlife Bites! Yes, Yes it Does, But It Doesn’t Have To

You are not alone. Some days you think you’ve got this aging thing under control and others it brings you to your knees. It’s a roller coaster ride of epic proportions and sometimes you feel so alone. But you’re far from it. Midlife bites, but knowing there are other women just like you makes it bearable. So does having a sense of humor about it… and compassion. jen mann author midlife bites fountainof30

Author Jen Mann was motivated to write her hysterical book Midlife Bites: Anyone Else Falling Apart, Or Is It Just Me? She woke up one night having what turned out to be a midlife crisis that kicked her hard in the lady parts. Normally she defaulted to humor, but she was feeling a panic that no joke could get her out of. So under advice from her husband she wrote about it. And then shared it. The response was amazing. Jen even started an active Facebook community where middle-age women can speak openly about their journey… because we are far from alone. Clearly. Then her publisher told her “I think we have your next book.”

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An Authentic and Relatable Midlife Manual

Feel like you’re screaming into the void alone? You’re not. Jenn Mann steps outside of her comfort zone (humor) and gets vulnerable and brutally honest in her journey of self-introspection in her book. And you will enjoy every chapter. How can you not when they have titles like:
  • How the Hell Did I Get Here?
  • Tap, Tap, Tap. Anybody Out There? – Finding Your People
  • Who Are You Calling Crazy? – It’s OK to Be Mad as Hell
  • No One Gives s Shit About You. – Stop Worrying About What Everyone Thinks
  • Just Be Happy, Damn It! – Finding Your Gratitude
  • Self-Care Is the Shit – Making Yourself a Priority
  • I Do Everyfuckingthing – Asking For Help
  • I’m not everybody’s Cup Of Tea, and That’s All Right – Embracing All That Is You

What We Discuss In the Podcast

In S4 E13 Midlife Bites! You’re Not Alone If You Feel You’re Falling Apart With Jen Mann on the Beauty is a Bitch podcas, Jen and I discuss:
  • what inspired her to write the book
  • why she believes this generation of midlifers won’t age quietly
  • why she decided to be so candid about everything from sprouting hairs in unsuspecting places to scheduling sex with her husband
  • how and why she stepped out of her comfort zone
  • how she came to the realization that if she continued to allow herself to feel old, she was old
  • how she came to love herself
  • how she changed her perspective on the whole aging process
  • and so much more.
To quote Jen, “We are all muddling through this appalling clusterfuck called midlife as best we can.” So let’s do it together, supporting one another.

Listen to the podcast here!

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