When Matchy-Matchy Is A Good Thing: Best Matching Sets For Summer

Is there really anything easier than throwing on a matching set? You can get the look of a jumpsuit or romper without dealing with all the complicated maneuvers sometimes required to get dressed (or simply use the restroom) and the ease of a dress with the ability to mix and match at will. Plus, with matching sets for summer, you can always get two different sizes for the top and bottom, if that works better! 

All of the above and more are why we’re (still) loving matching two-piece (or more-piece) sets this summer, especially in super hot weather or for traveling. Here are some of our favorites.

Best Matching Sets For Summer

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Crinkle Gauze

This set from the Gap might be the perfect thing to take on summer vacations since it is supposed to be somewhat crinkled and it comes in some gorgeous saturated sorbet hues. Both of these pieces would also look great worn separately, and they’d also work well as a cover-up at the beach or pool. For a softer color palette, try this Madewell shorts option with great button detailing at the back. 

Easy Breezy Linen

When it is super hot and you don’t even want to think about your outfit or wear anything that will make you hotter, a coordinating boxy linen top and shorts are just about perfect. Having a matching set makes you look pulled together even though you are basically wearing summer pajamas. Just add some fun earrings and a pair of flat sandals and you’re good to go in a set like this linen one from Amazon

(Not Your Standard) Sweater Set

This v-neck and shorts from Express isn’t your standard sweater set and we think it would work better with a pair of chunky cuff bracelets or layers of beads rather than pearls. The top would also look great in cooler weather paired with a long-sleeve tee and denim, and the whole look works with sneakers in all seasons.

Pops of Patterns

If you really want to make a statement this summer, go for bold patterns. For example, try this Pucci-inspired look from Mango for some vintage glam. There are several different options to play with, including a button-up, pants, and shorts in the same tropical punch shades that are perfect for poolside or seaside fun. Or try this blue and white tropical toile print from Abercrombie and Fitch for a more subtle look.

Crisp Stripes

If you enjoy this season’s striped looks, why not make things twice as nice with a color-blocked two-piece  set like this one from Amazon? It’s perfect for hot weather and it is just preppy enough. 

Shop Matching Sets for Summer

Pictured above from left to right:

Gap Crinkle Gauze Boatneck Button-Front Top, now $47 and Gap Crinkle Gauze High Rise Pull-On Shorts, now $29.99 and

Madewell Lightspun Renwood Button-Back Top, now $49.99 and Lightspun Easy Pull-On Shorts, now $34.99

Fixmatti  2 Piece Summer Short Sleeve Top and Shorts Linen Set, $33.99

Express Crescent Louis Two-Piece Sweater Set, now $111

Abercrombie 6 Inch Linen-Blend Tailored Shorts, now $54 and Oversized Resort Shirt, now $35

MISSACTIVER 2 Piece Set Oversized Long Sleeve Shirt Loose Drawstring Shorts, $35.99

Are you a fan of matching sets or do you think they look too much like pajamas or children’s clothes? They are kind of like Garanimals for adults, after all, but you can definitely embrace that relaxed but put-together vibe. Especially during the super hot late summer days! 

What are your favorite options for matching sets or two-piece sets and why? Let us know in the comments or in our Growing Younger Facebook Group! 

Check out the amazing matching sets at Shopbop!

–Jaqueline Zenn

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