Best Ways To Wear Cozy Matching Sets For Holiday Hosting

The holiday season is here. Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I don’t know where the time went, but if you haven’t already started, it’s time to figure out your holiday plans. I’m not big on hosting, but I know a lot of women that live for it. Yet, one of the things that I do love about hosting, is that you never have to leave the comforts of your own home and you can do it in style. Worrying about putting together the perfect holiday outfit all while cooking and decorating for guests is a little too much for me. So finding the perfect cozy and stylish ensemble to wear while hosting at home is a must. I’ve been looking at matching sets lately, and I think they are the perfect way to go for holiday hosting. Let’s look at some options that will work well for anyone, especially women over 50.

Matching Sets for Holiday Hosting


Lounging Sets

In my opinion, the ultimate cozy set perfect for an evening at home is one that is made of cashmere, cashmere blend or has a cashmere feel. All of my cashmere sets have been gifted, but if you are seeking to treat yourself on budget, I would suggest these CashSoft sweater pants and boyfriend cardigan separates from the Gap. I like the boyfriend cardigan because it is a little more elevated than just a pullover sweatshirt style. These separates come in earthtone colors that can be flattering on so many skin tones and the price is right. So pick up various colors to have different sets for multiple occasions.


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If you want a one-and-done set and are on a budget but still want to treat yourself, you can try this light blue marled knit set from Shein. The fabric is soft and warm so it’s perfect for the cold weather. This full set for $20 is a steal, so I wouldn’t wait too long to snag one up.

Cozy Skirt Sets

I’m not one who immediately goes to a skirt, but for those who are, there are some surprising and fabulous finds. Skirt sets are a little more on the dressy-side, but they still work so well when you are the at-home-host. First up, is the Aria Cove set from ASOS. What drew me to it was the color. It’s bright and bold and the non-traditional holiday color is incredibly on trend. The next thing that got my attention was the high slit of the midi skirt. This is still a comfortable and warm knit, but the silhouette is chic and would also work for an evening out.

I also found this chunky cable knit skirt set in a bold pink color on Amazon. Personally, I gravitate towards the chunky knit more than the thinner knit of the previous option. Though it’s still more dressy than the pants sets, it’s reads a little more casual than the ASOS set. Also, the chunky knit of the midi skirt and pullover sweater are more forgiving and will work with more body types.

Unexpected Matching Sets

It took a little while for me to find a set that was more than just a casual jogger set when looking for options. Surprisingly, I was able to find this matching set from Walmart. I believe this look is a little more elevated. The balloon sleeves, belted waist, and mock turtleneck are chic details. It’s dressier than the others, making it ideal if you still want to wear a set, but with a bit of a formal flair. To wear out, pair it with some leather boots or a rich suede pump. With its $24.99 price tag you don’t have to spend alot to wear something with an elevated twist.

Holiday Matching Sets Styling Tips

  1. Don’t break the bank. As you can see from the selections that I found, there are lots of affordable options out there if you are not able to splurge. When it comes to sets, I’d prefer to find some quality, moderately priced options and get 2 or 3 instead of just getting one high-priced set. These sets are meant to be enjoyed as you cozy up at home, so no waiting for special occasions here!
  2. Neutrals are king. Regardless of your desired price point, there is something about a neutral-colored matching set that projects sophistication. Yes, bright colors are fun to have, but I adore the sets that come in tan, camel and oatmeal colors. These tones present an image of maturity and chicness in the best way possible. Black and gray are also great color options.
  3. Pay attention to care instructions. Even though many of these sets are in easy-to-care-for fabrics, it’s important to note the washing instructions. I bought a cashmere blend pair of lounge pants from Sam’s Club (surprise, they are absolutely phenomenal) but the care instructions are to hand wash only. If treating your lounge clothes in a delicate manner is something you don’t have the time or commitment to take on, reconsider your options when searching for your sets.

Shop Matching Sets for Holiday Hosting

Gap CashSoft Straight Sweater Pants, now $55

Gap CashSoft Boyfriend Cardigan, $79.95

Marled Knit Top & Pants Lounge Set, $19.49

ASOS Aria Cove Skirt Set, $127

CHARTOU Women’s Winter Chunky Cable Knit Long Skirt 2 Piece Outfit Sweater Set, $42.99=

BLVB Women’s 2 Piece Lounge Set Casual, $24.99

Are you hosting at home for the holidays? Will you be wearing a cozy matching set?

– Carmen Turner

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