It's a Skirt, It's Pants, It's Skirted Pants!

Gareth Pugh Skirted Pants
I’ve been obsessed with Gareth Pugh for quite a while. I keep looking for the most sophisticated yet still outlandish Gareth Pugh piece I think I can possibly get away with wearing. I just saw this pair of Gareth Pugh Skirted Pants. These pants, skirt or whatever I should call them (oh yes, they are “skirted pants”) are a perfect, new and modern way to update my wardrobe. I like to be more covered up lately and the older I get, let’s face it: I like pants to cover my legs! And what a chic way to accomplish the coverup with this totally cool design. The multiple layers give a long and lean look. These skirt-pants-things are totally on trend yet they are artsy and no-trend enough to wear for years. Get some skirted pants!
Gareth Pugh Skirted Pants, $670
– Carol Calacci

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