Style For The Next Generation: Modern Heirlooms

We’ve all heard of the concept and perhaps some of us are lucky enough to own some heirloom pieces – usually jewelry, sometimes a fur, maybe a designer handbag or scarf. However, these items tend to be fairly traditional or even dated – classic doesn’t always mean it will last forever. That said, personal style will continue to be your hallmark, so consider whether or not something can become a “modern heirloom” before you invest in a noteworthy piece. Here are some tips when looking for modern heirlooms.

The Life of a Style Icon: Daphne Guiness Exhibit Opens at The Museum at FIT

With the enormous success of the Alexander McQueen exhibition on display at the Met, chronicling the game changing contributions the late designer made to the fashion world, fashion exhibits may be making new strides as culturally relevant experiences. At least that what we’re hoping for from The Museum at FIT’s latest exhibit, featuring one of …

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Fashion. Is Vintage Losing It's Advantage? How To Be True to the Trend. Second City Style Fashion blog

I love it when our in-house vintage expert Julie Ghatan writes an exclusive for SCS. And that’s why Ruby Warrington’s piece about the trendiness of vintage gave me pause. In her piece for the Sunday Times Warrington asserts that the days of rummaging through thrift stores and specialty shops for vintage pieces are over. What’s …

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