How I Almost Became Mrs. Ladypants

Who is Mrs. Ladypants? And why am I her? If you watched “Hot In Cleveland” on TV Land you just might get the reference.

Victoria Chase (played brilliantly by Wendie Malick) is an aging soap opera and Lifetime movie actress best known for portraying Honor St. Raven on the cancelled soap opera drama Edge of Tomorrow. In one hilarious episode Victoria does a Japanese TV commercial for “Ladypants,” i.e, an adult diaper, because she is told it will only play in Japan. She takes the money and runs because “nobody will ever see it.” Well it goes viral. And I can relate.

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Here’s what happened to me. As an “influencer” (that term annoys me too) one of the ways I make money is from sponsored posts on both my blog and social media. I generally only work with products from brands I truly like and use because I would feel guilty, dishonest and slimy otherwise. This was one of my larger revenue streams, that was until Covid hit. Then it dried up like the Sahara!

So like many bloggers/influencers I started taking some sponsorship jobs where I was making a lot less than I used to, yet was expected to do the same amount of work. A few months ago, I was approached by a firm that matches up these types of gigs with influencers, for a menopausal diet supplement. The pay was about a quarter of what I used to get before Covid, but I did it because it was super easy to fulfill (just one picture on Instagram). About a month after I completed the job I received an email from a friend of mine who said “You look great!” What on earth was she talking about? So I asked. “I saw your picture for an ad for some menopause supplement in an email.” Say what?

Well guess what? I am now the face of the brand all over the internet! People I have long forgotten about reach out to me, friends from grade school and people I have not seen since we graduated say, “Did I just see you in an ad in an US Weekly e-newsletter?” The friend who initially alerted me to my national campaign now forwards them to me every time she sees me. Even in our town’s local email newsletter. I have 10+ saved from her alone! And yes, my lawyer husband read the contract and said “The devil’s in the details, you missed the fine print. But they used tricky language.” The point is, I have no recourse.

So now I have returned to my pre-Covid pricing and am sticking to my guns. And if they won’t come close I pass. For instance, I was approached to do a campaign for Depends pads for $350. I thought, “well, it Depends if you pay me!” They would not budge and if I am going to embarrass myself and talk about light bladder leakage you had better pay me, and pay me WELL. What if I had become the face of that product without adequate payment? I would have died. I really would have been “Mrs. Ladypants.” I guess I should be thankful it was only a menopausal supplement (it works too) …it could have been much worse.

My eyes are open now! I just read this article a friend of mine wrote and I related so much I had tears in my eyes. Lesson learned. Now I know my value.

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