How to Update Your Fall Wardrobe for Under $100 at Target

If you are like me, you may not want to spend a lot of money on fashion for fall. Especially this fall. But I found by adding just a few pieces to your existing wardrobe, you can get excited about fall and feel like everything in your closet is new again. My go-to place for fashion on a budget is Target! Here is how you can update your fall wardrobe with 3 pieces for under $100 at Target. (It was more like $85.97 to be exact, but now your taxes and shipping are covered.)

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Women’s Animal Print Crewneck Pullover Sweater – Who What Wear™, $32.99

‘Who What Wear’ is my favorite line at Target. The collection is fashion forward, the colors and prints are trendy and fun, and yes, women over 40 can wear them. The pieces come in small, medium, large and extra large sizes and I find them to be true to size. This puff sleeve Zebra print sweater is bold and unusual because it has a lilac background with black stripes. I thought it would look fantastic with solid black pants.

black Straight Leg trousers fountainof30
Women’s Straight Leg Ankle Length Trousers – Prologue™, $29.99

Next I found a pair of simple black trousers from Prologue at Target. If you don’t have a nice fitting pair of black pants, these pants may be the answer. I think Prologue is Target’s version of Theory or Vince. This line offers clean and modern pieces that are very sophisticated. The sizing runs a little on the larger size, so don’t “size up” with Prologue. The collection is perfect for business.


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blue Balloon sleeve Blouse target fountainof30
Women’s Balloon Long Sleeve Blouse – Prologue™, $22.99

Now that work is mostly out of our own homes, this punchy blue balloon sleeve blouse from Prologue caught my eye. Not only is it our Fountain Of 30 blue, but it would look fabulous in Zoom meetings. If you only add one piece to your wardrobe each season, make it a color you love.

I was able to mix and match these 3 easy pieces with accessories and pieces I already owned. Look at how much mileage you can get when you style the pieces in different ways.

Update Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall Outfit 1

My first outfit is the Who What Wear zebra sweater with the Prologue black pants. Instead of wearing the expected black shoes or booties, I opted to wear white leather slides. There will be plenty of days to come when I will wear black boots with this outfit. I grabbed a python print bag to warm up this look. Style Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix up your animal prints or to wear white shoe in fall!

Fall Outfit 2

My second outfit is the black pants with the Prologue blue top. I added a tan vintage top handle bag and rusty red slide shoes. A cream and black snake print belt pulls it together. Style Tip: Wear different colored accessories and try unusual colors. Would you think rusty red would go with this blue? Mix up your accessories with different patterns and colors to give your outfit a new look.

Fall Outfit 3

For my third outfit, I wore the zebra sweater with faded jeans and leopard print mules. This time I went with a simple black handbag. Style Tip: Mix up your animal prints, but two prints are usually enough!

target fashion for women mixed with accessories

I styled only three outfits, but this gives you an idea of how easily you can update your wardrobe for fall with only a few new pieces. And when you find the items at Target, you won’t have to break the bank!

Shop Fall Wardrobe for Under $100

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  1. Since I rarely go anywhere except the grocery store these days, I haven’t been motivated to add anything new to my closet. But these pieces are so reasonably priced AND stylish, I think I can justify such a modest investment!


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