How To Give The Most Thoughtful Holiday Hostess Gifts

Happy Holidays! Hopefully you’re almost done with all your shopping. This last weekend will just fly by. When putting together your list for family & friends don’t forget to get something special for all the hosts & hostesses that make the season so festive by inviting us into their homes.  A lot of consideration & work goes into throwing a holiday party, no matter how large or small it is. While bringing a gift is always a kind gesture, some things are better choices than others. Here are some thoughtful holiday hostess gifts.

Thoughtful Holiday Hostess Gifts


Flowers are a very popular gift but not always so convenient for the hostess. Party decor is usually planned and the flowers are arranged before any guests arrive. When someone shows up with an arrangement the hostess now has to figure out how to fit it in with her planned decor. Oftentimes the flowers are not in a vase so she has to spend time trying to find a vessel for them as well. If you know she is a flower fan you can send a plant in advance, or maybe schedule one to arrive a few days after the party. Something neutral like white hydrangea or a lovely topiary will fit in with almost any decor. Harry & David are well known for their beautiful gift packages of fruits, candies & nuts, but also offer a stunning collection of flowers. Of course their fruit is always a welcomed gift too!

For The Cook

For the host who loves to cook, my favorite gift is from The Spice House. If you can make it into their charming store in Chicago you must do so. It is a treasure trove of flavors and scents that will fill your senses with exotic treats from around the world. If you can not make it in they have a very easy to peruse web site and they will ship anywhere. Their blends are very popular and inventive, with informative labeling for the best uses of each. Once you shop the freshest ingredients here you will not go back to the mass produced spices on grocery store shelves. They have beautiful gift presentations as well.


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For The Entertainer

For someone who entertains often think of something they can use over and over again. Serving pieces are ideal, just steer clear of oversized pieces that are difficult to store. The 5-tiered cupcake stand may be beautiful but where does she put it in her storage-deprived city condo? Think about a lovely set of cheese knives or a pretty tray that will complement other things she owns. Simple and monochromatic are great rules to stick to.

For The DIY Host

For the DIY drinker or beer-curious we found a great at home brewing kit. It has everything you need to brew a gallon of craft beer. Choose from a variety of styles such as Off the Topper Imperial IPA or Caribou Slobber Brown Ale. It’s a fun project for the creative type, plus a good excuse for the next party for a tasting.

Luxury Gifts

One of our favorite gifts comes from Cire Trudon, the famous luxury candle makers. Their scented matches are a true extravagance. You can pair them with a complementary candle or use them on their own. Leave them slightly open to scent your space or they make a beautiful powder room accessory. The long, dramatic boxes come wrapped in a variety of whimsically elegant illustrations. They are delightful!

Food Gifts

If you know the party will leave the hosts too exhausted to care for themselves the next day think about leaving them with a delicious brunch package. Callie’s Biscuits has the answer with their Wake & Bake gift set. Each package includes Country Ham Biscuits, Cinnamon Biscuits, and Buttermilk Biscuits, as well as Callie’s Biscuits Blend Coffee, Peach Basil Jam and creamy Carolina Grits. Maybe throw in a nice bottle of champagne to take the edge off. You will surely be invited back!

Home Baked  Gifts

Another thoughtful gift is to make something yourself. Your time and thoughtfulness will be appreciated. Try Martha Stewart’s Blue Cheese Pecan Icebox Crackers. They are buttery and crumbly delights that melt in your mouth and need no toppers. The best part is they will last a while in an airtight container. During a season with an overabundance of sugary sweet treats these savory bursts of cheesy nutty goodness are a nice change.

Shop These Holiday Hostess Gifts

Harry & David Holiday White Kalanchoe, $49.99

The Spice House Gift Box, Best Sellers Collection, $34.99

Juliska Country Estate Winter Frolic Tray, $39

Northern Brewer 1 Gallon Craft Beer Making Kit, Now $49.99

Cire Trudon Solis Rex Matches, $15

Callie’s Wake + Bake, $93.95

Martha Stewart Blue-Cheese-Pecan Icebox Crackers Recipe

Have a Joyous Holiday Season!

– Madelene

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Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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